All About Me!

The Life of Manjari Kavi


I'm a jaded fourteen year old girl with unrealistic expectations. I am a Cancer. I am obsessed with aesthetic pictures, pretty words, and intriguing books. I belong to way too many fandoms. I have a severe case of wanderlust.


My hobbies include writing bittersweet stories and serial reading. Another hobby of mine is binge watching countless TV shows. I also like to waste all of my money buying pretty books and addicting music.


I was born in Huston, TX and I moved to New York when I was four. Then, when I turned six we moved to Cincinnati, OH and we've lived there ever since the summer of 2015. I am aspiring to be a pyshologist because the mind really fascinates me. But, I also have been writing for about a couple of years on Wattpad, and I recently published a story called Yours Truly.

The Day I Graced This World With My Wonderful Presence

Friday, July 1st, 7:45am

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Come join my amazing party where we will indulge in a Disney Movie marathon and savor junk food all night.
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