Your "We Can" Weekend Has Arrived!

This one's for the Grill Master's

Do you have to pick?

How do we top last weekend? One of the most excitingly-patriotic 3 day extravaganza's of the year. The kick off of summer which we all know by now guessed it. Wearing white and slammin' hot-dogs. But there was a question many of us faced when we we came to the realization that summer was for the dog's..

What about the burger?

Since the dawn of man we've been grilling.

And with that came the question that's been asked for over 100 years now..

Hot dog or Hamburger?

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Dating back to the 1880's, Hamburgers came on to the scene all the way from the Lone Star State- Texas. So immediately I know what you're going to ask. "Would I be less patriotic if I didn't eat burgers?"

And of course the answer would be yes.

However, only slightly behind the burger came the debut of the hot dog. This was nothing short of a mind-blowing experience as they hit the streets in the early 1900's on street carts in NYC (back when 3-6 hot dogs per week was the bare minimum- see last weeks post).

Fact: In 1906 the average American ate 11 hot dogs a day.

"With a 2 for 5 cents deal on frankfurter's I typically spend a whole dollar."

-Theodore Roosevelt

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So What Do You Do?

Well we all know that the burger and dog became instant rivalries. A rivalry that lasted decades. This harsh-bloody feud probably would still be going on today if it wasn't for one thing...Something that changed the way we look at burger's and dog's forever. The end of a horrific era and the beginning of a terrific era. I'm of course talking about..

The sixties.

The "Cultural decade." The "Swinging Sixties." The time of peace, love, and a whole bunch of other stuff your parents will never tell you about.

The Civil Rights movement. The Anti-War movement..

And the hot dog- hamburger BFFL movement.

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This was of course a time where people experimented A LOT.

I'm talking about burgers and dogs on the same grill.. Foot longs, kosher, medium rare, you name it. People passing around spatulas left and right. Grill swapping and not even using buns! Can you believe it!? I can't imagine living in such a free environment. But it was all gravy baby. "Groovy grilling" was the new big thing and with that came the dawn of a new era.

And now a segment I like to call...

"Three Awesome Grills"

So the choice is yours

We've been handed the right to put whatever we want on the grill. Grilling and eating a burger and a dog at the same time is okay because of the generations before us. And if you happen to be a part of that generation... Well we salute you for paving this delicious road.

You see it's not just about flipping and eating two of the best things ever created simultaneously. We're also serving a big side of freedom with that dish. And for that I say Grill on America.

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