Mrs Millionaire

By:Hope Schaffner

Who Was?

Did you know Madams real name was Sarah Breedlove? Sarah was born on December 23,1867.When Sarah was seven she was a orphaned,than a few years later she was raised by her older sister.When Sarah was old enough to chance her name she did she turned it into Madam Breedlove. After that she got married to Moses McWillams. Then a few years later Moses died so than she started washing cloths,but all of the soap was making her head itch so that cost her hair to come out, and Madam and Moses had a daughter named Leila.Than Madam got married to Charles Walker,then she changed her last name to walker.

What did he/she do?

After that Madam became the first woman that was a self made millionaire. A few years later she started selling her own hair products Madam was a very hard worker, and she got very famous for selling her hair products. Madam was a philanthropist who gave generously to cause the aided African Americans. Madam was always very busy selling her hair products so she had no free time. Every day Madam sold out all of her hair products, also if you saw Madam walking by she would say hello but she mainly was working so if someone walked in she was at the front desk.

What was their impact on the world?

Madam first hair product was for Madam moved to Indianapolis, So than she had a new job it was selling hair products.Next Madams store was very busy every single day for 24 hours.Also she had everyone wattling outside the door when the store was opening.After that she seat up a wed site where you could order the hair things online.When ever you wanted,and it would not take long to ship,but if they were very busy.

should we try to be like them why/whynot

Do you want to be like Madam C.J. Walker? Well you should because she was a really hard worker, and she was very nice to everyone. NEVER GAVE UP! Also Madam was a good sports men. Madam would say after a game she would say good job and you did great. Also Madam was the first self made millionaire that was a female. So that is why you should be like Madam C.J. Walker!