January 13-17

4th Grade News

Upcoming Events

January 20- School WILL be in session.

February 13-Half day- Parent Teacher Conferences

February 14- No School

What we are learning:

Math: We are starting fractions next week. We will do a quick review. Then we are going to start comparing two factions with different denominators and numerators.

Reading: We are going to be discussing events in history based on examples from text. We will be focusing on the Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King Jr.

Science: Last week we talk about how to describe physical and chemical properties of matter. This week we are going to talk about how matter changes.

Social Studies: We are going to be finishing up research on our famous Missourians.

Writing: We are writing our biographies about our famous Missourians. This upcoming week we are going to focus on how to create a table of contents, glossary, and index.


Natalie- 22

Leah- 28