Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Caleb Woodley

What is a logger head sea turtle

The loggerhead sea turtle is a marine animal and is endangered due to pollution, shrimp trawling and development in there nesting area. It is also the most common sea turtle in the U.S. The scientific name is Caretta caretta

Where do they get there names

They get there names from there large heads that has very powerful jaws that feed on there prey

What can we do to help the loggerhead from becoming extinct

You should always leave them alone when seeing them dont bother them or their kids. when sea turtles kids get touched my something, the loggerhead would just leave and the babies who survive will follow. Also you should protect their wildlife if the logger head is nesting, dont bother there nesting at all that is an easy way for there babies to die


Where are they locatated

In the sallow water of the Continental shelves of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian ocean

What are they doing to help the loggerhead seaturtle

They are staying out of there habitats where the loggerhead sea turtle nest their babies. And they make sure that they dont touch or harm them in anyway