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dōTERRA essential oils have the potential to change your life in more ways than one. From physical to emotional to financial, dōTERRA has it all! This is only the beginning of a truly transformative journey. There is a lot of information here. So feel free to save this email and go through this info at your own pace. Please know that it is here to support you.

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Making Purchases

You can visit your virtual office at http://www.mydoterra.com

This is where you will enter your member ID and password you created.

In your virtual office you can access many things but most importantly this is where you will change your LRP (Loyalty Rewards Orders)

You always want to place every order through your LRP as this is how you will earn points to cash in on product and also how you will get reimbursed for ALL of your shipping costs!!

If it’s your first time visiting, the page will open up to the "shop" tab and there on the right hand side under the search bar you will find a section about your "Loyalty Rewards Orders" This is where you will click the order number to add things to your LRP basket! Since you have not yet set up your LRP you will first need to select a ship date. I like to choose a date just after the 1st, since new promotions come out on the first and I like to be able to decide how I would like to participate, and before the 15th so I can still get the free POM or product of the month!

You can set and change what's in your LRP basket at any time and the Loyalty Rewards Program is 100% optional, However it is the most intelligent way to purchase!

Anytime you are ordering, even if your LRP order has already shipped, you will want to place ALL orders through your LRP. This way you will receive bonus points on all of your purchases and get all of your shipping costs back. How great is that!

To do so, you simply create your LRP order and can click "process now" if you want it to ship immediately or "save" to wait until your next scheduled auto-ship date.

The points you earned from the previous months order with be added on the 15th of every month. And remember you will be gradually increasing in percentage every month until a year where you max out at 30%!!

Click here for a video on LRP

Essential Oils Might Be the New Antibiotics

Faced with increasingly drug-resistant bacteria, scientists and farmers are now looking to plant extracts to keep people and animals healthy.


CPTG Testing & Purity with Our Chemist:

Essential Oil GC/MS Testing with Dr. P

Learn About Our Plants and Growers:

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dōTERRA Essential Oils safe enough for newborn babies:

Recorded training calls for product uses:

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Welcome to the Wise Heart Wellness Advocate Team!

Hi! I am dōTERRA Gold Wellness Advocate Meghan Harlow and I am so pleased to have you join us! I am honored to share this journey with you. We have an amazing team! I teach a variety of classes around the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and via tele-class. Feel free to join me. Please contact your upline mentor or myself with any questions you may have. We are very happy to support you along your journey! For fun tips and tricks

connect with me on facebook at www.Facebook.com/MamaWiseHeart and on Instagram @MamaWiseHeart