Olivia Behind The Scenes

By Martejha April


My Character views herself as a beautiful illyrian Lady. She is noble, high class. She has self- confidence. She is afraid, but also free. Overall She's a very lovable person. The lady Olivia, having declared her love for Cesario (Viola in disquise) , says that he ought to love her back, because her love is a gift. "Love sought is good, but giv'n unsought is better" (3.1.156).


Olivia , the object of Orsino's affection, falls for Viola in her guise as Cesario. Olivia is in love with a woman, even if she thinks he is a man. Orsino, sending Cesario (Viola in disguise) to woo the lady Olivia, tells her that she is very like a woman, and therfore will be more appealing than he would be. "And all is semblative a womans part" (1.4.34).


Olivia is claimed to be buffeted by strong emotions, but seem to be self- involvement more than anything. When we first met Olivia she pines away for her dead brother. She show no interest in relating to the outside world. She prefers to lock herself up with sorrows and mope around the house. Sir toby comments on the fooliness of his niece, Olivia, devoting her life to mournng for her dead brother. "I am sure care's an enemy to life" (1.3.2-3).


Me and Olivia are similar in a way because we both had a death in our life that changed us mentally and physically. She lost her brother and moped around in the house and didn't want to date anymore for 7 years. I Lost my grandpa and didn't eat for days.


Me and my character Olivia are different because she tends to show orsino her emotions and i tend to hide my emotions. i like to hide my emotions because i dont like people to know how im feeling i tend to be mysterious.

Olivias' Identity In SHES THE MAN

Olivia views herself as a pretty woman looking for love. She shows hard feelings toward the end of the movie. She wouldn't compare herself to anybody. She adventurous and lovable. In She's The Man, Olivia ran right up to Orsino and kissed him, because he really likes him but was afraid to tell him (Shestheman).

Olivias Gender

Viola didn't plan on falling in love with her room-mate duke. Duke has his eyes on Olivia. What makes matters worst is that Olivia starts to fall for sebastian. The real sebastian arrives home early. When he arrives Olivia Kisses him, Unknowly she thinks he is viola (his twin sister) as him.

Olivias Perception

In the Movie , They view my character Olivia as beautiful. She is most wanted in the school. She's popular. Every boy lust for her. In Shes the Man, they were in the physics room and they were picking thier partners out of a hat, When viola got olivia , and duke got somebody else he begged viola to switch partners with him so he could be with olivia (SHESTHEMAN). This shows how beautiful and thirsty they are for her.


Me and olivia are similar because we both fight for what we want. Olivia wanted sebastin and his crazy ex girlfriend kept saying that they are still together but olivia really liked him so they had a fight in the bathroom. I started dating kobe and his ex girl friend got jealous because he moved on and she started to pick fights with me , so i met her after school and beat her butt.


Me and olivia are also different in a way because she is openly willing to help others. Unlike me it depends on who the person is for me to help them.