Shake, Filter, Drink!

The all new filter bottle is finally here!

What is it?

This all new bottle works as a filter in only seconds! All you have to do is shake!

Step 1: Simply buy a filter bottle.

Step 2: Fill your new bottle with salt water, ground water, or even tap water!

Step 3: All you have to do is shake it for 3 minutes!

This bottle uses a brand new filter technique that uses friction between the filter and the water to eliminate and trap the impurities in the filter and releases only fresh water back into the bottle!

This is great if you are stuck at sea and surrounded by salt water for 227 days like I was. The all new bottle provides an easy guaranteed way to access fresh, purified water for your body! Trust me, your money will not be wasted if you buy one because it is always good to be prepared for any environment life takes you to. It's even good for purifying regular tap water at home to ensure you are safe from harmful bacteria!

Why I invented this?

I decided to invent this awesome bottle because of personal experience. Once upon a time, I was stuck at sea for a very long time. 227 days to be exact. The problem was that I did not have access to a lot of water other than sea water which dehydrates you. I only had a slow working filter that did no well for me. So after I regained my strength, I decided to invent something that will change any type of dirty or contaminated water into pure water, so others will not suffer the same worries I had because I had such a small water supply but such a wide ocean. Overall, my one goal is to keep everyone from going through what I did even if it means saving someone lost at sea or just catching a few harmful bacteria to prevent a child from becoming sick!

Brought to you by: Piscine Molitor Patel