Down Syndrome

Biology Research Project

Why I Picked This Subject

I decide to choose this subject because theres a lot of information that you can find about down syndrome kids, not just kids but grown ups to. My fourth cousin is down syndrome and he is pretty chill so i wanted to learn more about down syndrome people and how it works.

Definition Of Disorder

This is caused by cell division. This is a error in cell division called nondisjunction. Most of the this causes vary degrees of intellectual and physical disability and medical issues.

Affects On The Disorder

It affects many parts of the humans body but most of the time it affects the body and it messes up how they think and there physical appearance. The head is mainly the one thats mostly damaged.


  • Small Head
  • Short Neck
  • Facial Features
  • Poor Muscle Tone
  • Short Height
  • Eyes Slanting
  • Short Hands
  • Excessive Flexibility
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Causes Of Disorder

The causes of down syndrome is really unknown but some people think that the cause of down syndrome is because the two copies of chromosomes in the humans body failed to separate during the making process.

Down syndrome is consider more of a diseased caused by a visible abnormality of the chromosomes rather than a mutation.

Down syndrome can be caused by other factor such as trisomy 21, mosaic down syndrome and translocation down syndrome.


It is not inherited because it is caused by a nondisjunction.

Its located on the 21st chromosome in the humans body because it has to many then its supposed to have.

No,its neither recessive or dominant because anybody can have a down syndrome baby it doesn't matter who the person is.

Nondisjunction covers 95% of this cause.

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Disorder Treated

Its treated by going to therapy to try and get the mind back to the same way for the kids or the parents that has down syndrome. The therapy has to take time though it's not just a one time thing.

Disorder Diagnosed

Its treated by using screen testing so they can indicate if the mother is carrying a down syndrome baby.

The other way to tell if a baby is down syndrome is because of a test called diagnosed tests.

The diagnosed test makes it where you can identify if your baby has down syndrome or not.

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Down Syndrome Facts

  • There are about 400,000 people in the united states that has down syndrome.
  • This disease can affect all races and economic levels
  • This is the most common birth defect

No, theres not a certain group of people or place that this disease occurs in. This can happen to anybody it really doesn't matter what group of people this is.

Its not that common, once in every 691 baby that is born in the united states has it.


  • I discovered that down syndrome can occur to anybody and its not just a sexual thing that makes this disease occur.
  • I also discovered that it happens least then i thought it did.
  • I learned that it can affect different parts of the body instead of the way that they look like.
  • Theres a lot of people in the world that has down syndrome and i didn't know it was that many.
  • This is the most common birth defect and i didn't know that either until i learned a little about this.
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"DON'T LIMIT ME!"- Powerful message from Megan with Down Syndrome
On Down -- Down Syndrome


This disorder showed me a lot of good things about this topic. It show that no matter what you can be anything or do anything you want to be no matter what. This disorder might make you different from others by looks and the way you speak but at the end of the day you can still do anything you put you mind to.