Two Gays, No Kids, and a Cat

The monthly planning of newly weds

Ratty Apartment to DIY Ranch House Decor

Complete with three bedrooms, two baths.

All around new appliances including new windows.

With an over-sized two-car garage, all on 1.5 acres.

Working w/o Down Payment

  • We're buying a $260,000 house, with an interest rate of 3.342%.
  • Monthly mortgage is $1,075 for 30 years.

Two Leased Mini Cars and Matching Feline

Saving up for the Precedented Deaths

Savings/Retirement/Life Insurance

  • Saving $100 a month for emergency fund, $50 for investments on the off chance something awful happens or we need money, quick.
  • 401K costing us $350 a month.
  • Me and my wife are hoping to have $70,000 saved to put aside one day for our funerals, our life insurance. It's only $4.08 between the two of us though.

Million Dollar Retirement Fund - an Impossible Feat

With an interest rate of 8% it will take 30 years of paying $681.13 monthly to reach a million dollars in savings

Student Loans and Credit Cards - The Downfall

  • Being an average-paid event planner I turned out to have a student loan debt of $28,000. Also, due to unfortunate circumstances I've got a credit card debt of 8400.
  • My rate is 18.9% with a minimum of 4% and I pay $336 a month to pay it off. It'll take 158 months! I'll never be free.
  • Between both they are 11.33% of my monthly net expenses.

Ode to Reflecting

Challenges in preparing this budget were definitely figuring out how exactly to work the numerous amount of calculators and reading the words and numbers correctly. I read them slower and tried to understand it more thoroughly, the numbers I was given, and it worked. I learned a lot of different things from this project though, such as how high interest rates can be and what a great thing a down payment would've been. I feel like I'll be able to figure out the rate I'd pay for my own future car and house, and the economics of housing prices. I look at money in a new light, that it's finite existence has to be considered in every single thing that is bought or leased or loaned or rented.