There are three main characters in this book and they are....... Jamme, the youngest sister. Darcy, the oldest sister of the three .Last but not least the mom she was divorced and now she is a single mother. One day Darcy goes up to Jamme's room and she isn't there. Darcy goes to her mom and asked her where Jamme is. she said that she haven't seen her all day she call's all of her friends to help her find Jamme. So now Darcy has a quest to find her lost sister.


  • The story takes place in Ohio. In a town where Jamme and Darcy live in
  • Most of the main charetors live in the same town too
  • In the summers they go up where the mountains are and they hike
  • Jamme runs away into the mountains
  • Jamme does very bad in school
  • Darcy does very good in school


  • The author learned how to read at the age of three and a half
  • Once she got bored of reading she loved to write
  • She wanted a type writer for her birthday so she could write
  • She told hundreds and hundreds of stories and added up to 35 books that she wrote.
  • She had a friend that was black he was about 70 years old and he got murdered
  • It reminded her of a book that she wrote it was called "when a hero dies"
  • She still lives today and she is still making books


  • Bobby Walace
  • Jamme
  • Darcy
  • Cooper
  • Darcys and Jammes mom


  • Darcy was being stalked by her dad
  • Jamme got kidnapped
  • Jamme gets beat up by her boyfriend
  • Jamme ran away
  • Darcy finds a person that she likes at a concert
  • Darcys mom and dad are devorced


I would say if like a book that is funny, sad, action, etc. Then you will like this book. My opinion.... I didnt like the book that much but if you want to read it you might like it.