RHS BlueJay Bulletin

November Edition 11-6-2020

Missing Assignment Weekly Report

Parents and Guardians will now receive a weekly email from SISK12 which is a report of your student's current missing assignments from the semester. Not all assignments in this report can be made up. Please check with the individual teachers to determine their class' policy on late work. While the district policy states the late work receives a 25% reduction on day 1, a 50% reduction on day 2, and no credit beyond day 2 (page 33 of student planner), teachers can allow more time to turn in assignments based on their established classroom policy and the particular student's circumstances. It is important that you or your student communicate with each teacher on what is eligible to be made up.

Virtual Attendance Reminders

Student Absences

Because we are unable to use SISK12 for virtual attendance, The district has instituted the Weekly Virtual Attendance (WVA) grade to ensure students are participating. This amounts to 20 points a week and is comprised of:

  1. Being Present and camera on unless otherwise approved by a teacher, admin, or counselor.
  2. Participating in class discussions, responding to questions, typing in the chat when asked, and following directions.
  3. Being on time.
When students are not present in their Zoom Class, teachers will mark their attendance points as absent (-5). Students who have excused absences through the attendance office will be able to make up the 5 points for every class they have an excused absence in.

Procedure for Excusing Absences:

  • Call (816) 268- 7310 or email toni.lindley@raytownschools.org.
  • The attendance office will verify documentation and or reason and communicate to the teachers whether or not the absence was excused.
  • Once the attendance office sends verification to teachers that the absence is excused, the student may make up the session as determined by the teacher. If they successfully make it up, they will receive the 5 points back.

A & B Day Calendar

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Winter Sports Parent Meeting

If you are a parent of an athlete who participates in Winter Athletics, please watch the video below and use this link to fill out the Google Form.

Parent Meeting Form Link

RHS Winter Sports Parent Meeting 2020 2021

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Student Expectations Reminders

  • Zoom classroom meetings are required and count towards your attendance grade.
  • Cameras must be on in order to receive full participation points unless you have permission from the classroom teacher, a counselor or administrator for valid reasons.
  • Clothing must be school appropriate.
  • Find a place in your house free from distractions and loud noises to be in class.
  • Act as if you are at school (refrain from texting, laying in your bed, sleeping, etc)
  • These grades are NOT hold harmless and will go on your transcript.
  • Use tutorial time wisely to complete assignments and get help from teachers.
  • Check your email DAILY.
  • Check Google Classroom DAILY.
  • Do not turn in BLANK Documents and expect to receive points.

EF Tour Trip (not school sponsored)- Ms. Kolster

Want to go to England, Scotland & Paris in 2022? We will be visiting places like the birthplace of Shakespeare and Buckingham Palace in England, castles in Scotland, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris! I would love for you to join us! Info can be found in this video video from m: https://youtu.be/6lwCjR2VUnc

If you're interested in getting more information, Ms. Kolster hosting a meeting on Zoom on Oct 20th at 7pm. Click here to get registered for the meeting so you can receive the Zoom link: https://bit.ly/36tzMQw

Virtual Learning Resources and Orientation on RHS Website

We have added important information to our school website page. RHS Website

On the menu bar, you will see a tab called Virtual Orientation. Here you will find Meet the Teacher Open House Videos, Freshman Orientation Presentation, and Virtual Learning Resources. Use the Links below to access each page. There are helpful videos embedded in the Virtual Learning Presentation that give instructions regarding Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.

The Newsletter is now also on our website page under the BlueJay Bulletin Tab.

BlueJay Bulletin (Newsletter) Website Link

Virtual Learning Guide

Open House Meet the Teacher

9th Grade Orientation with Freshman Advisory Teacher Videos and Presentation

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