University of Nebraska at Kearny

Jaden Berlin

What students have to say about Kearny.

The atmosphere here is amazing, everywhere I go I receive a smile. The school is big enough to always be meeting new people and small enough to see a familiar face or two on the way to the cafeteria. In the dorms, a person could always find a new friend. Everyone keeps their door open when they are just hanging out in their room and people like to wander the halls and just to find open doors and make a new friend.

Erin from Omaha, Nebraska

Career Field

My career field is Human Services and Education.

My Future Job

I want to be a English teacher when I get older. I am not totally sure what grade I want to teacher yet. I know I want to teach one of the grades between 7th and 9th.

Key Classes

I need to take extra college credit classes. Preferably ones that involve English.

Extra Activites

I need to be in activities that high school that involves others. Such as, Speech, One-Acts, Play, and National Honor Society.
Top 10 Reasons To Attend UNK