Mershon's Tuesday Tutoring!

By Invitation Only

Dear Parents/Guardians

I know that several of you have been asking for additional help for your child who is struggling in reading. After spending the last semester getting to know student strengths and weaknesses, I agree that what we are doing in class may not be enough to help your child succeed. We need some extra time outside of class to practice improving their skills. I am setting up two special tutoring times just for you to help bridge those gaps and help students pass the STAAR test and transition into 7th grade. I will have two times available in case after school transportation is a problem. We will meet every Tuesday starting January 28th either at lunch or after school. --Ms. Mershon

What to expect

Before students come to tutoring, I will give them some short passages with questions to complete at home.

During tutoring, we will go over them and discuss how they got the answer choices.

We will do a similar practice together.

We will read a novel together if we have time that they can take an AR test on later in the semester.