I CAN Be An Entrepreneur...

Alejandra Sida

Entrepreneurship Student

Grade 9

I'm looking forward to making something out of my ideas and sharing them with the world.

Entrepreneurship IS appealing to me because...

I've always wanted to be the owner of a business and be in control of my profits and actions, rather than work under someone else's orders for the rest of my life. I believe that being an entrepreneur would be very beneficial to me because I'd be able to produce something from my ideas and possibly impact society and the economy with what I choose to create. I could work at a flexible schedule that revolves more around keeping up with my company than completing daily shifts at a low wage job. I could also work under my own rules and not have to follow guidelines set out for me by others, as well as being able to influence my earnings by making careful economic decisions. Though there are also disadvantages to being an entrepreneur like stress, running out of money, and the possibility of failure I believe that I can overcome them by being determined and continuing to put effort towards the making of my business, because I'd know what awaits me if I manage to reach success.

I HAVE many of the characteristics and skills that are essential to entrepreneurs such as...

Creativity, because I have plenty of ideas that I can use to create products and services.

Determination, because even though one of my ideas might not be liked by others I can work to make it be liked and improve it.

Motivation, because I can inspire myself to make a change and continue with my ideas.

Passion, because I will be doing something that I enjoy doing and not be forced to do.

Risk taking, because my idea could be something that is not found appealing by others, and so I would be taking a risk by attempting to share my idea.

I CAN have a successful business that...

creates graphic t-shirts based on fictional characters and makes other products based on them. Characters, quotes, and scenarios based on things going on in pop culture, and that will appeal to teens generally but can be used by others too.