Out Of My Mind : A Book Report

By Malavika Kashyap - 4th Period - November 12, 2013

Out of my Mind is a great book by Sharon M. Draper !

Lexile: 700 Lexile Level

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Number of Pages: 295 Pages

The Characters !

Melody Brooks

Melody began as a disabled young girl with no way to tell others about her feelings or about anything. Since she can't communicate with other, no one knows she is the smartest person in class. Not Rose, not Mr. Dimmings, no one. When she gets a Medi-Talker, she can communicate with others! She becomes stronger than ever before and helps her get through things with a new aspects! She has been through so much but still fights fiercely. The weak girl at the beginning of the story changed so much and is nothing near weak!


Catherine is Melody's classroom aide. Other than the the nice, young woman that took care of Melody at school, she was inspiration. She helped Melody get to the quiz team meets, and is one of the people who knew she was smart, other than her parents. Catherine saw that she was smart and she understood things like normal people. She taught Melody that even if you look disabled, or feel disabled doesn't mean you have a disabled brain and that she was smart.

I feel it was an effective ending because it retold the main thing she longed for (to be able to use words) in the new aspect she takes on.

Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper.mpg

Book Trailer

Read the book!

The book trailer will tell you the basics, so to read the book Out Of My Mind to read more about Melody.

Let's talk about one more character!


Ms. V is Melody's neighbor and is like family. She treats Melody like a normal girl and encourages Melody to believe there is nothing wrong with her. She helps Melody learn new words. She supports Melody all the time and takes care of her while her parents are at work.

Thank You for reading!