High School Principals' Newsletter

May 2016

Thank you for asking...

Have you every been stopped by someone who asked you a question about how things are going? How your family is? Something that is going well? Tell me more about what you do.

Simple questions about the work and lives that people do around us are impactful.

Sometimes I get so busy with my own agendas, I forget to ask questions that will cause me to value even more the work and impact that staff are making on teachers and students, and it all starts with a simple question!

Happy Spring!

Do you have hiring decisions to make this summer?

In the most recent edition, The Science of Hiring, Wayne D'Orio says that one of the most effective hiring practices is to come up with a list of key traits that you want everyone in the classroom to have because the traits are linked to getting positive results. Then, rate everyone according to these traits. Too often the hiring process is "driven by individuals rather than what predicts results in the classrooms." D'Orio sets up 49 key traits or skills. Compare the candidates to the scores from your best teachers.

What isn't important? Grade point average and where the candidate went to school. Research has shown that GPA isn't that predictive of performance in the classroom.

Change up your interview questions to more scenario related questions. They suggest handing the candidate a set of student data and ask them to design an instructional plan that meets the child's needs or a set of classroom data and ask them how they design instruction to move students forward.

Demonstration Teaching Lessons are also very telling. Having students in to serve as the class and ask candidates to provide a mini lesson on a subject or content area. Use a rubric so all are being evaluated on the same areas.

It is extensive and time consuming to hire the wrong person. Everyone you hire, however, needs mentoring and coaching. No one comes perfect for the job so make sure that you have good processes in place to onboard all new employees.

Educator Evaluation Training Grant

  1. Make sure we have your information/contact
  2. Let us know your training schedule or desired dates
  3. We will work on coordination of training
  4. Service Agreement to Sign
  5. Grant is due end of May

School Improvement Key Dates to Remember:


School Improvement Plan (SIP)

DUE September 1


District System Review (DSR) OR District Interim Self Assessment or Self Assessment

DUE April 22

April 2016 Assist Update

Program Evaluation Templates


MDE Link to all Things M-STEP

All MME Information

Here is a checklist to keep you up-to-date on test-ready tasks.

How to Access and View Spring 2016 M-STEP and MI-Access Preliminary Student Roster Reports


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Professional Learning

Educator Lead Awareness Sessions

Does your staff need additional information about the affects of the lead on their students and the impact on their classroom? We can come out and bring you current information on the lead affect. email Joy or call at 591-4408.

Genesee GO!

Do your seniors have the information about Genesee GO! ? If not, we can come out and make classroom presentations, hand out information cards or address a large assembly.

Book us today! Contact Joy 591-4408.

Please Review our Survey!

It has been awhile since we've collected responses across the County on teachers' perceptions of their professional learning priorities. While it is late in the year and we are already making plans for next year, this information will still be helpful for a number of initiatives that are already planned or in development within the next few years.

Please review this draft and share feedback with Lisa Madden

Around the State

School Improvement Conferences--Spring Regional Conferences

Engaging All Learners in the Continuous School Improvement Process.

Topics include: Assessment and Accountability; Newly Approved Science Standards; Title Funding and Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA); Continuous Planning and High Quality Monitoring; Utilizing AdvancED Tools for Accreditation and Continuous Improvement; Cultural Proficiency.

May 3-Kent Intermediate School District, Grand Rapids

May 5-Wayne County Community College, Downriver Campus, Taylor

May 10-Saginaw Valley State University, University Center, Saginaw

May 11-Great Wolf Lodge, Traverse City

May 16-Van Buren Intermediate School District, Lawrence

May 19-Northern Michigan University, Marquette

Registration Link

MDE Title I/31A/Consolidated App Regional Spring Planning Workshops

Access workshop locations, registration, and handouts here.

(May 9 at Genesee ISD, but you can attend other sites)


Please click here to see our spreadsheet of currently scheduled professional development for next school year.

Science PL for Administrators

PL@N A-1: Learn how to support a vision of instruction that is aligned with A Framework for K12 Science Education and the NGSS through the lens of your evaluation tool. - May 16.

PL@N A-2: Develop comprehensive multi-year plans for supporting the transition to Framework aligned instruction. *Prerequisite: must have completed A-1. - June 6.

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