Mid-America Highlights

Volume 6, Issue 10 ... April 29, 2016

New Business WINS

~Arthritis Pharmacy Solutions / Becky Gillenwater

Monthly Volume $230K

~Hoffman Drug / Mark Amundson

Monthly Volume $100K

~Red Cross LTC Pharmacy / Jason Simmons

Monthly Volume $500K

~Redline Pharmacy Solutions / Jeff Beins

Monthly Volume $25K

Congratulations to...

Lance MIndt!! Lance recently signed a new PVA for Medicine Shoppe #523 in Minot, ND. Due to this agreement Lance has brought about $35K/month in generics back to Cardinal Health that the customer is currently purchasing elsewhere!

Great work Lance!

New Program Enrollments

Front End Product Management

Mark Amundson / Julie Thibodeau

  • Marsden Pharmacy
  • Waconia Clinic Pharmacy

Mark Amundson / Victoria Rostratter

  • Hoffman Drug

Managed Care

Mark Amundson

  • Marsden Pharmacy
  • Waconia Pharmacy

Med Sync

Lance Mindt

  • Medicine Shoppe Jamestown

Recon Complete

Jason Simmons

  • Infinity Endeavor

Reimbursement Consulting Services

Mark Amundson

  • Roger's Family Pharmacy

Darcia Anderson

  • Medicine Shoppe #2065

Mike Hope

  • Elk Horn Pharmacy

First Script

David Burnett, Lance Mindt & Jason Simmons

  • Genoa, A QOL Healthcare (5 sites total)

Jason Simmons

  • Partners Pharmacy

Drake Pharmacy School Interviews

Last Friday three members of the KC North Team, Ginger Hibbert, Mike Hope and Julie Thien, were onsite at Drake Pharmacy School to participate on the Cardinal Health Independent Pharmacy Scholarship panel. There were many applicants for the two $25,000 independent pharmacy scholarships given by Drake Pharmacy School.

In an effort to narrow down to the the best of the best five candidates were interviewed for the scholarship. They are happy to say they awarded one to a student who is working under a junior partnership today and has plans to purchase the pharmacy in the next few years after graduation. His ideas for the future of pharmacy were what won them over and how he had great business ideas to implement for outcomes and profitability.

The second recipient is someone is a female with great aspirations to own her own pharmacy. She had excellent people skills and is currently interning as a remote MTM advisor for NuCara Pharmacies. She attended the PTS townhall and is eager to learn more.

PTS Town Hall - Grand Island, NE

Tuesday night was the kick-off for the Kansas City North teams PTS tour staring in Grand Island, NE.

Genevieve Johnson coupled with Toby Yearms from Wealth Advisors. They took the stage to present ideas and strategies pertaining to transitioning in ownership and wealth strategies.

For about an hour, the audience of 9 stores frantically took notes. This was a great event for the state of Nebraska and Jeff Beins was able to recruit not only current customers but 2 additional MCK prospects.

Big image

PTS Tour - Stop #2

Des Moines was stop #2 on the PTS tour for Julie and her team.

Again, Gen Johnson and Toby Yearms were instrumental in talking about strategies pertaining to transition and wealth.

On this stop, there were approximately eight accounts in attendance, along with many Pharm D candidates from Drake University.

Big image

Tulsa and OKC Town Halls

Cardinal Health sponsored Managed Care Town Halls in Tulsa and Oklahoma City in April. The Town Halls gave customers and prospects a comprehensive look at how to improve pharmacy performance, medication adherence, and much more.

Sarah Yandell and Matt Gardner covered the Medicare Star Ratings process as it relates to the quality of medication use; explained the implications of Star Ratings on Health Plans and PBMs and how they are responding; defined Medication Adherence, typical barriers to adherence, and the impacts of poor adherence; described strategies for elevating patient care and improving performance; and discussed the potential for a competitive advantage for community pharmacies that focus on quality.

Both Tulsa and Oklahoma City had wonderful attendance at the Town Halls. There were around 35-40 customers, prospects, and Cardinal Health employees at each event.

The Kansas City South team would like to thank Sarah Yandell, Matt Gardner, and Katlynn Bey for helping pharmacy owners better understand the complexity of managed care so they can thrive, not just survive.


This past week all of our LMCs traveled to Dublin to attend the Front End Conference. While it's a jam-packed week of Marketplace, RBC strategies, and more, there is always some time for fun and good dinners with friends!

Stay tuned for the next Highlights which will feature some of the key points / takeaways from our LMCs.

Customer Service News

In the April 1st edition of the Highlights, Jerry Murrel, Customer Service Manager at the Radcliffe, KY center, provided us with an update on the "Increased Sales Rep Selling Time" blackbelt. Since then they have begun to make progress with this event, and gave us an update on where they are at:

From the desk of Jerry Murrel:

"The latest survey from sales revealed teams are spending less time performing customer service work. The survey revealed just about an hour was returned to the sales team. This is a sign that the quick wins that were put into place are working. The black belt is in the analyze phase of the DMAIC process and the team is confident that we will reveal other tasks and activities that will further reduce the amount of time sales spends on customer service activities.

We understand there is a problem with our emails to our customers. Customer service is beginning the process of looking into this issue and finding out what our major pain points are with emails. Once again, we are confident that we will find the necessary resolutions."

Take Your Child to Work Day, Volume 2

Jason Simmons had such an AHMAZING day yesterday with his oldest daughter Olivia.

This was their second year to participate in the National Take Your Child To Work Day, and they spent a wonderful 12 hours together!

In that span of time they visited 5 pharmacies, and saw another whopping 120 road Kill!

From the desk of Jason......

"This more than an opportunity to visit my accounts. It is a yearly opportunity to reconnect with my daughter with some much needed one-on-one time. We laughed, sang, ate Chinese, had some ice cream and had the great opportunity to show how women stack up in the world as business owners.

It is so important to me to instill in her at a young age that she can and will do anything that men can do. She informed me that she was aware of this because just on Wednesday some boy at school gave her a hard time about running in PhyEd and so she beat him in the sprinting exercise they had to do.

She was very bored with my job as she has no intention to follow in my footsteps but she gets the idea that I am trying to lay out for her. She is a tough, strong, intelligent 12 year old girl and I am excited to see what she does in the world!

The fortune cookie fortune was an added bonus. This is something I didn’t even know I was learning! It’s so true that when we don’t get what we want (which is more often than not) we learn a new way to get what we want or find a new path.

We had such a great day and can hardly wait till next year."


Congratulations to Fawn(TASTIC) who has accepted a new position within Cardinal!

You have definitely been an instrumental part of the Mid-America team, and will be missed tremendously! Your knowledge, passion, humor and hard work will be extremely hard to replace. We all know you will take your Cardinal wings and soar where ever your career takes you. <3

Happy (belated) Birthday and Anniversary to........

Mark Amundson who celebrated a birthday on April 23rd!


Becky Gillenwater whose 8th year Cardinal anniversary was on 4/25/08.

Beat Your Best Score Q2 & Q3

Time got away from this one, but we have the winners of the Beat Your Best Score for FY16 Q2!! Since Q3 has just ended, we will be tallying up the winners for that quarter, and will announce both together! The numbers are not quite in yet, but stay tuned.... it could be YOU!!

Quote of the Day

"You may never know what result come from your action, but if you do nothing, there will be no result" ~Ghandi