January 4th-8th

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and a relaxing break! Tomorrow will be a dress down day for everyone, so that will be a fun way to start out the new year. This week we will be reading a story from Junior Great Books. Please plan to spend 20-30 minutes reading with your child and help them create a question to ask about the story.

We also will be starting subtraction this week as well. Please review with your children their subtraction facts as we work through the unit. I look forward to seeing the kiddos tomorrow!

Week Plans

Religion: Students will learn in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd about the Adoration of the Magi/Nativity. In Chapter 8 we will learn about sharing our faith with others.

Reading:Phonics- The class will learn about the final, stable syllable –ble, the final, stable syllables –fle, -ple, -dle, the final, stable syllables –tle, -gle, and the final, stable syllables –cle, -kle, -sle, -zle. Students will read decodable readers 19 and 20, Fiddle Time and Fun with Uncle Steve.

Junior Great Books: We will read the story The Mermaid Who Lost Her Comb

Writing: Students will write about their New year resolutions and what they did over Christmas break. We will continue with Excellence in Writing and write a KWO.

Math: We will begin Chapter 3 on Subtraction. Please practice subtraction at home.

Dates and Updates

January 4

Classes Resume

Beginning of 3rd Quarter

January 7


Religion test over Chapter 8

January 8

Phonics Assessment

Spelling Test:upset, but, them, block, man, need, up, going, set, stomp, come, there

Sentences: His friend can go with us. We need to get that rock.

D.O.L Test #13

Thanks for bringing in box tops!