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{Wedding Photography VS Photography by Harper and Dana}

{Despite what other photographers capture, wedding photographers grasp a moment no one else can.}

{Wedding photography snapshots a special moment of the start of a new journey of love. Wedding photographer's details are very precise since it is an important beginning to a family.}

When taking photos of the soon-to-be family, "never ever try to force your subjects into an artificial pose," (Travellies 2). By them doing natural poses, the photographer captures the moments they'd rather have pictures of because that's what would've happen on their day. It's important that the clients feel comfortable.

Photographers in modern day are finding that, "you can also the hoverboards to shoot stable photos or videos," (Zhang 1 The photographer grasps a new, unique way on how to capture the true beauty of this moment. This angle puts walking out of style!
Joe Buissink, a photographer, expresses, "I need to create these images for my clients that will evoke emotion that is present at their wedding between each other as well and sometimes you need that hand to pull it out of them," ( The images taken by a wedding photographer should be natural photos. These photos are meant to highlight a major moment in one's life.

{All photography captures a moment but a wedding photographer captures a detailed story of love!}

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Felix Mendelssohn Wedding March (guitar version) by Charleston Virtuosi


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