STAR Party Telescope Building!

Opportunity for 5th Graders

Local fifth graders are invited to take part in a fun interactive day to learn about telescopes and build a Galileoscope for use in the

2nd Annual Gila County STAR Party!

· This opportunity is being made available by the Gila County Education Service Agency through a partnership with Science Foundation Arizona and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO).

· All materials— a Galileoscope and tripod for each team of 3 students– will be provided free of charge to students

· Students will assemble a Galileoscope while learning about telescopic lenses and how light works!

· NOAO staff will visit students to provide on-site support the day of the STAR Party—Thursday, April 18th

· The culminating event will be a community “Star Party” on Thursday, April 18th at the Globe Community Center. During the STAR Party participating students from around the county will mount and use their self-constructed Galileoscopes to view the moon, planets and star clusters with their families and the community.

· Joining the community during the STAR Party will be the astronomers from the NOAO, and regional amateur astronomers from the East Valley Astronomy Club providing professional telescopes made available for public viewing

· During the STAR Party students will be tasked with a NIGHT SKY Scavenger Hunt for opportunities to win astronomy themed raffle items

Saturday, Apr 6th, 8:30am-12pm

1300 E Cedar St

Globe, AZ