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Commitment to Excellence 11/10/16

CHS Natural Resources class at Belden Carnivore Monitoring- Storrie Fire

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A weekly highlight of the programs of Plumas Unified School District and supported by the County Office of Education

Old Roots and Future Blossoms of Garden Education in Plumas County

A lot has changed and grown in the way of school gardens in Plumas County. For starters, now all elementary schools have their own school garden. The last six years the Digging In program, which was initiated and run by Mountain Passages, has offered garden-based learning for elementary school students in both Quincy and Greenville. Starting this year, Plumas Unified School district and Plumas County Office of Education (PUSD/PCOE), in a partnership with Plumas County Public Health (PCPH), has transitioned to take over the school gardens, enabling funding to be available to all four school sites.

In order to sustain and increase the capacity and potential of the gardens, PUSD/PCOE is currently in the process of applying for a USDA implementation grant. PUSD/PCOE believes that establishing curriculum based garden instruction is a perfect complement and extension to the already established outdoor common core values and mission. With the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) that California has adopted, outdoor core is now a more primary focus that PUSD/PCOE is excited to adopt across the K-6th grade levels. Having already established gardens puts PUSD/PCOE in a prime spot for outdoor core to be easily available and adopted.

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State Schools Chief Tom Torlakson Announces Approval of Science Framework

SACRAMENTO—State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson today announced that the State Board of Education (SBE) voted to approve a new Science Framework for California’s public schools that will dramatically upgrade and modernize science instruction.

California becomes the first state in the nation to adopt a Science Framework based on Next Generation Science Standards and is now poised to lead the nation in rolling out a rich, updated, 21st century science curriculum. The Science Framework provides guidance to teachers, administrators, and textbook publishers for the teaching of the Next Generation Science Standards from transitional kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Beyond updated science content, the Science Framework encourages a new teacher-student dynamic with the teacher becoming more of a facilitator, asking questions and encouraging discovery. Students conduct experiments and lead the scientific inquiry.

The CDE also is developing a new online science assessment that will reflect the Standards and Framework. A pilot test of the new assessment will take place in spring 2017 in grades five, eight, and in one high school grade—ten, eleven, or twelve—that will vary for each high school.

To read the full announcement: http://www.cde.ca.gov/nr/ne/yr16/yr16rel77.asp

Strengthening the Start

PUSD is focusing on a strong start to each class period or learning opportunity, honing in on these three areas:

Learning Environment: A sustained, successful start routine promoting positive behavior and a positive learning environment is evidenced for all students.

Instructional Time: A sustained, successful start routine optimizing efficient and effective student learning is evidenced for all students.

Student Engagement: All students actively participate and engage in the sustained, successful start expectations.


From Karly Moura, http://hyperdocs.co/node/20

Isn't a hyperdoc just a doc with hyperlinks???

NOPE! It is SO much more! The beauty of HyperDocs is that the creation of the doc itself requires the teacher to take into consideration the needs of the students, how they will engage in the content, what ways they can reflect on their own learning, and how they can show what they know. It is also ALL about packaging. HyperDocs LOOK engaging because they are. Kids enjoy doing them and while they are learning, collaborating, creating and reflecting in their doc the teacher is given the gift of time to connect with students and engage in quality conversations with them about their learning.

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Hyperdocs Sample

Tech Tuesday, 3:30-4:00

Join Kristy via Google Hangout for Tech Tuesday, every Tuesday from 3:30-4:00 where we talk about a specific tech tool. All are welcome! Join if you have something to share about the topic or want to learn more!

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You can also go to our district website, www.pcoe.k12.ca.us and navigate to the Curriculum Department, where you will see a section on Tech Tuesday. Follow the link from that page to get to the Google Hangout!

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11/15 Hypderdocs

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Upcoming Dates

11/17 1st/2nd grade Collaboration day

11/21 7th/8th Math/Science Collaboration day

11/29, 11/30 NGSS Rollout at Tehama COE

12/5, 12/6 Elementary Houghton Mifflin coaching from Judy Puckett

12/6, 12/8 7th, 9th, 11th Districtwide Writing Assessment (DWWA) scoring, DO

12/8 Science Vertical Team meeting

12/13 5th/6th grade collaboration

1/10 1:1 computing collaboration day

1/13 Social Studies Vertical Team meeting

Monday Professional Learning Communities Schedule

11/14 Elementary- Independent Planning

CHS, GHS, PHS- Site PLC, Instructional Coach Yvonne at CHS

QHS- Independent Planning

11/21 Elementary- Site PLC, Instructional Coach Yvonne at QES

CHS, GHS, PHS- Independent Planning

QHS- Instructional Coach Susan at QHS

11/28 Elementary- Report card preparation


QHS- Independent Planning

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