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Hello Peculiar Families!

Can you believe we are more than halfway through January? It is definitely chilly and winter is here. Most of the days last week were too cold to get outside, so we enjoyed indoor recess. As temperatures start to get warmer, we will be going outside. Please remember to send a coat and appropriate clothing for the winter weather with your child.

Our students have already been hard at work learning how to work with fractions, learning about space and stars, reading bigger words and new books, and learning about how force and motion work together. So many amazing things happening!

We have been battling a lot of sickness since returning from break. Please remember to keep your student home if they are having flu/cold-like symptoms. This will help us all stay healthy at school and at home. If you have questions about whether to keep your child home, please don't hesitate to call and talk with Mrs. Rexroad. She is happy to answer any questions.

The LEAP nomination window is now open. Please see information below if you wish to nominate your child for LEAP.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out through email, or give us a call at 816-892-1650.

-Keri Collison


Important Dates to Remember:

  • January 27: Spirit Day: Wear your craziest socks
  • January 28: No School
  • January 31: PTA meeting 6:30 p.m. (school library)
  • February 14: Friendship Celebrations

LEAP Nominations

LEAP is an intervention program for gifted students in grades 2-8 who have been identified as gifted learners. Students must meet qualifying levels on identified assessments in order to participate in LEAP. The levels are prescribed by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and have been adapted to the Ray-Pec LEAP program.

Nomination Period Now Open

Each year, parents or teachers may nominate students in grades 1-7 for candidacy to be evaluated for LEAP. The nomination period is from January 3-28, 2022. The nomination form link will be available on January 3, 2022, on the district webpage:

Our school counselor, Mrs. Robinson, serves as our building LEAP coordinator. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email her or call her at 892-1650.

District seeks feedback about 2022-23 school calendar

The Ray-Pec School District Calendar Committee is planning for the 2022-2023 school year. Ultimately, the committee will present a recommendation to the District Administration and the School Board.

To prepare its recommendation, the committee looks at dates for the next school year and schedules events including grading periods, holidays, and parent-teacher conferences.

An important component of the calendar is providing professional development and planning time for teachers. Since the pandemic began two years ago, the needs in this area have grown. Teachers are spending more time planning virtual and in-person instruction for students impacted by the pandemic. There is also a need for additional time to provide high quality, and often individualized, instruction based on the needs of specific students. To meet this need, the calendar committee is considering options for providing additional collaboration and planning time for staff.

Please take a few minutes to provide suggestions or feedback related to the school district calendar. Calendar feedback

Raymore-Peculiar Child Nutrition Department

  • We have migrated our online payment system to

    • Feel free to send any parent questions our way: 816-892-1370 or

    • There is no “PIN” required to find your student’s account, all that is needed is their building, name and DOB. STUDENT Id is optional.

Want to send in birthday treats for your student?

You are welcome to do that this year!

Please contact your child's teacher to let her know when and find out how many.

Then, please check our approved snack list and choose something from the list to send in.

Snack Guidelines Document

Teacher Favorites

We have had many requests for a list of "favorite things" for our teachers.

Here is the most current list:

Staff Favorite List

Want to be a substitute teacher?

Are you interested in serving as a substitute teacher in the Ray-Pec School District? It's a great way to earn extra income, while maintaining flexibility in your schedule, and helping the school district.

You can now become certified as a substitute by completing a 20-hour online course at a cost of $180. Previously, individuals had to have 60 hours of college credit to begin the process.

Here are the steps:

  1. To become a sub for Ray-Pec, you must obtain certification from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Complete an online substitute certificate application. For assistance, follow instructions in the Educator Certification System Help Guide. You will create a profile and complete an application. A $50 fee is required.

  2. Submit required supporting documentation to DESE. This includes transcripts showing college credit or certificate of completion from approved substitute training and diploma (or equivalent).

  3. Fingerprint/background check.

The 20-hour online substitute teacher training course includes professionalism, honoring diversity, engaging students, classroom management techniques, basic instructional strategies, supporting students with special needs, and working with at-risk youth. Take the online training here: Frontline Education

The cost of the application, online training, and background check will require a total investment of about $275. Substitute teachers are paid $14 per hour. Long-term substitutes are paid at a higher rate. Subs have flexibility in accepting assignments at particular schools or on particular days.

For more information:

Inclement Weather Information:

During the 2021-2022 school year, inclement weather days will result in a virtual instruction day. This means that students will learn at home on that day, and the school day will not be made up later in the year. For students in the Virtual Instruction Program of Ray-Pec (VIPR), classes will continue as usual. Students who attend school in-person will attend classes online or have learning activities pre-assigned to them.

Communication about inclement weather days

In the event of a virtual instruction day due to inclement weather, the district will use these methods to communicate effectively:

  • Our School Messenger service will be used to send a recorded telephone message to all employees and the family of each student.

  • A text message will be sent via Textcaster. You can sign up here.

  • All subscribers of RP Update, the district's electronic newsletter, will receive an email. Subscribe by sending a message to

  • Information will be shared on local television stations (4, 5, 9, and 41).

  • An update will be available via the district information line at 816-892-3988.

  • The announcement will be posted on the district website, Facebook page, and via Twitter.

Timing of the announcement

The decision to implement a virtual instruction day will be made as early as possible - preferably the night before. Sometimes conditions change overnight. In the event of rapidly changing weather conditions, a weather announcement may be made on the day of the cancellation. In those instances, we will try to send make the notification by 5:30 a.m.

Elementary school activities

  • In the event of a virtual instruction day due to inclement weather, all elementary after-school and evening events will be cancelled and/or rescheduled.

Middle school activities

  • In the event of a virtual instruction day due to inclement weather, all middle school events will be cancelled and/or rescheduled. This includes after-school practices and meetings, and evening activities.

High School activities

  • Watch for separate notifications about high school events or activities. In some cases, those activities may continue as scheduled.

Panther Pride/Shark’s Den

  • In most cases, Panther Pride and Shark’s Den will be open to provide care to families who are already enrolled in those programs. They will open at 8 a.m. on inclement weather/virtual instruction days.

If the District implements an unplanned early release, it is important to have arrangements for younger children. If you will not be available, please ensure someone is available to care for your child if early dismissal occurs.

The decision to close school is always a difficult one. Every effort will be made to consider the safety of the students, the safety of the faculty, and the convenience to parents when making such decisions. Your cooperation, understanding, and assistance is appreciated. However, parents and guardians are in the best position to determine the safety for their students based on nearby conditions.

As temperatures drop, it is important for students to dress appropriately, and allowances for potential bus delays should be part of the planning process. Student drivers are encouraged to use parent or school-provided transportation when road conditions are less than ideal. If you have questions regarding school dismissal, call the building your child attends or the District Administrative Services Center at 816-892-1300.

Raymore-Peculiar Child Nutrition Department

FREE BREAKFAST AND LUNCH! Free breakfast and lunch will once again be provided to all students during the 2021-2022. For more information about RayPec's Child Nutrition Department, click this button


We invite all families to join the Peculiar PTA as members of our school community. Joining the PTA does not obligate you any job, but gives you the opportunity to contribute and vote on decisions for our school family. PTA membership is $10 per family.

Please click the link below to complete the membership form: PTA Membership Form

Our PTA also compiles a school directory to be distributed to only families in our building. Peculiar Elementary can not distribute personal communication between families, so the PTA provides contact information for the families. Each family may provide as much or little contact information as they choose.

PTA School Directory

Our PTA is hoping to add more families to our school directory! This is a great way to connect with one another outside of school, or to get your child together with his/her school friends! Please click here to join our directory! 2021-2022 PTA Directory Information

Here is the link to our current directory. 2021-2022 Peculiar Elementary Directory

Apple Bus Info

The Ray-Pec School District contracts with Apple Bus Company to provide student transportation. To inquire about transportation or to speak with an Apple Bus employee about your child's bus experience, call Apple Bus directly at 816-318-1900, or you may send an email to Apple Bus at

Quick Tip Reporting:

Report school safety and bullying concerns through Quick Tip.

Quick Tip is an online method of reporting a school safety or bullying issue, or concern about a student. Users may click on the link and complete the information requested. Tip reporters may enter personal contact information or remain anonymous. It is accessible through the link below or on the district website.

Peculiar Elementary Mission & Vision


Preparing each student for a successful and meaningful life.


A future-focused community with a commitment to lifelong learning.

Mrs. Keri Collison, Principal

Peculiar Elementary is an amazing community of staff, students, and families! Please call with any questions you may have.