Environmental Issues in Tangerine

How is the setting central to the conflict in Tangerine?

Man versus Nature Conflicts in Tangerine

While Tangerine is the story of a young man's search for identity, it is also a text that explores many of the deeper issues that affect our society. The novel Tangerine takes place in rural Florida. Located in central Florida not far from Orlando, the fictional county of Tangerine is experiencing the kind of growth that has already occurred in many other parts of the state. The many citrus orchards that once existed throughout this area have been replaced with subdivisions, community centers, schools, and more. New economic growth has begun to take over rural areas, causing catastrophic results to many old orchards and farms and the land on which they were located. Similar to Paul's development of Lake Windsor Downs, these new communities were confronted with terrible environmental issues.

You will be investigating the the environmental issues from the novel: from existing and former Tangerine orchards, to the climate that causes never ending muck fires and lightning strikes.

You will also look closely at the environmental issues plaguing our society, and compare them to Paul's experiences in the novel.

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