Traveling The Trail

Events On The Trail

Life on the trail was very risky and dangerous

Between the year 1835 and 1855 over 10,000 people died from the Oregon Trail. Most died from falling out of the wagon and getting crushed by the wagon wheels some people died from diseases like cholera, measles, or smallpox.

Another big part that was dangerous was crossing rivers. Crossing rivers could be deadly like kids or adults drowning in the river. Also there could be a hidden holes in shallow riverbed could cause the oxen to trip and the wagon would tip over and things could be lost. It would also cause a delay and wast time.

Ways to stop on the trail

Time was the enemy on the trail. They would hate to wast time stopping for something. They would have to stop for things like wagons breaking down and oxen that get sick or die. Also because of a horse or kid wandering away from the wagon train. When this happened the whole train can to stop it a lot of time was wasted the would find themselves traveling up a mountain it a snowstorm.
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