Bill of Rights

David,Pratt Pre-ap U.S History 7th Period

What are the bill of rights

The bill of rights protects citizens of the United States of America. You don't have to be wealthy or powerful. the bill of rights protects all citizens.

what does Freedom of speech mean

It does not matter what you are you can say what ever you want and the goverment can't stop you.

what does the right to bear arms mean

people can own guns to protect themselves

what does the right to privicy a home mean

soilders can't go and say I'm going to live here now .

what does unreasonable search mean

police need search warrents to go though your stuff.

what does double jepardy mean

it means you have the right to remain silent

what does the rights of the accused mean

your trial has to be public and fair

the right to jury a trial

the same case can't happen twice

what does preventingcruel and unusual punishment mean

you shouldn't get to much or to little of a punishment

rights retained by the people

basically these aren't your only rights

what does limiting federal powers mean

if it does not say it you can do it