Kind Kids in Kindergarten

See what our brains and imaginations up to!

April 4 - 7

This week's focuses were:

-Science Fair Experiment

-Review & Assessment

-Reading Comprehension

-Spelling Practice

Science Fair: What Will Keep Apple Slices Most Fresh?

After leaving the apples over the weekend, on Monday there was the big reveal of all our differently wrapped slices! Tin foiled, wax papered, plastic wrapped, and unwrapped categories were placed on individual tables and the students were allowed to explore and make final observations.

As a class, we concluded that the plastic wrap ultimately did the best job at keeping the apple slices fresh! Meanwhile students were quite enthralled at viewing just how much the unwrapped apple slices had changed ("wrinkly! stinky!")

Thanks to Aaron and Aarushi, who will share out the class' experience and findings to others at the Chesterbrook Science Fair this evening.
Big image

An overview of our final results!


Students have worked real hard this week as classes wrap up end-of-quarter assessments. To break it up and give opportunities for some breathers, I have introduced some fun new center work: MAZES!

Some puzzles practice number sense by having them follow numbers by different intervals of skip counting, while others are trickier, traditional mazes to improve students' critical thinking and puzzle skills.

Earth is "wearth" it!

Our students love meeting with their 3rd grade Reading Buddies. This month our meetings will be devoted to making a double class book about how we will be green in honor of Earth Day, April 22. This week we learned about recycling and colored pages to decorate our book.

Enjoy your Friday off, and have a good weekend!