?Whats a Babel fish?

is it real or unreal, this is a mystery...

Descriptions and infomation about the babel fish

The babel fish is a werid looking creature.It has a mouth shaped as a peashooter and weird looking things in the insides. This creature isn't real, it is from a movie.


The location of this the creature is in a movie. The name of the movie is "the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy"

this creature isn't real

bodyparts and special features inside/outside from a babel fish

.mouth: shaped as a peashooter

.gills and gill rakers: used for breathing

digestion: where it digests its food/ also kown as our stomach[to us, humans]

heart: beats and keeps you alive

telepathic excretor: used for telling directions to places

brain:used for thinking

extendible nerve signal sensor: used for tasteconsocious freaqency sensors: used for movement

olfactory bulb: used for smell/sent