Lewis & Clark Watzek Library

We offer more than just textbooks!

From being open 24 hours to multiple librarians who can be contacted online, we are here to help you! As part of the learning experience at Lewis & Clark, we take great pride in the quiet environment, online access to e-books, visual resources, as well as librarian workshops, and inter-library loans. Students can check bags or other materials into lockers upon arrival or departure as well as sit with views of nature or in front of a roaring fire. We work hard to ensure that the time spent studying and researching in the library is put to good use, and we give each book a 6 week check out stamp. Between or extensive library, databases, and e-book collection, L&C pioneers are never to be found without available resources.

Come to learn, research, and grow

Visit us 24 hours a day- we don't mind. You'll always have access to a clean and quiet environment, even on those rainy Oregon days!
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