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We have only one more week before indulging in a much needed holiday break . Each of you is fighting the good fight to make a profound difference in the lives of every student at Elgin Elementary School, and for that I'm grateful. As we transition into the next week, remember that the work you do each day is meaningful and impactful to your students and your peers. The highlights in this week's bulletin are evidence that you are continuously discovering new ways to impact student achievement! With this in mind, continue to be innovators in education...agents of change....lifelong learners...champions for kids...and overall the best of the best in Elgin ISD.

On today, I have embedded a special link within this week's Bragger Bulletin that holds the key to a special special treat for the first employee that responds by 10:00 am! Happy reading and searching! You will find out what the surprise is once you find the link.

Always with teaching and learning in mind,

Felicia Turner, Assistant Principal

Hats Off to Dr. Cotner

Thank you to Dr. Cotner and everyone who helped with the assembly for Veterans Day, it was great. The children all sang so well and our speaker, Mr. Dud Morris, Boatsman, 2nd Class, United States Navy, spoke beautifully from the heart. In Dr. Cotner's words, " Veteran’s Day honors ALL veterans and we want to take a moment to especially remember those who died in service to our country." With your guidance, our campus was able to pay our respects to those who served our country. With this in mind, Dr. Cotner, the half hour was indeed very meaningful! Thank you! ~ Ruth Becker

Special Note: For those of you who were unable to attend the program, please check out this short snippet of the 2nd graders performing. Thanks for sharing Mrs. Glass!

Veteran's Day Performance

Highlighting Heselbarth

Thanks to our counselor Lindsey Heselbarth, Red Ribbon Week at Elgin Elementary School was nothing short of exceptional! The week of October 27th - 31st was full of fun and exciting activities to promote a healthy drug free life for all. We all wore RED, we Put a Cap on Drugs, Teamed Up AGAINST drugs, and showed how our SUPER POWERS can fight off drugs, too! Additionally, the door decorating and poster contest showed us just how serious our students and teachers were about their pledges to be DRUG FREE! All in all, from the story book parade, to the classroom lessons and assemblies, the week proved to be a huge success!

Mrs. Heselbarth, the faculty, staff, and students of Elgin Elementary School thank you for MAKING IT HAPPEN! We can't wait to see what's in store for next year! You really rocked Red Ribbon Week!

Electrical Circuit Labs with Lefteau

5th graders did such an awesome job on their study of electrical circuit labs a few weeks ago! All Ms. Lefteau did was give them the materials and monitor. They had to write their own procedures! Her goal was to see if they could use their knowledge from what they had been studying over electrical energy, currents, and circuits from Science Fusion to build their own circuits and everyone did awesome!
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Lundgren & Lester...The RtI Rock Stars!

Ms. Lundgren and Ms. Lester have been doing an excellent job getting groups & documentation together for RtI. I have worked with them many times this year and know that they are doing all they can to bridge the gap and prevent students from falling behind. I know that RtI can be somewhat overwhelming, but they won’t let that stop them! Great Job to both of you! I know that your efforts are going to make a HUGE impact in the lives of your students. ~ Jennifer Herring

Little Miss Sarah's Love for Learning in Mrs. Noonan's Class

Everyone knows Mrs. Noonan is an excellent Pre-K teacher and my little Sarah reminds me of that every time she brings home her completed work. Mrs. Noonan’s lessons are age appropriate and engaging. My little one always takes so much pride in explaining what projects she has worked on that week. Sarah comes home with books that she created in class and is always eager to read them to the rest of the family. Mrs. Noonan’s students are learning important skills for to prepare them for Kinder and (most important) to LOVE school! I also think it’s amazing how she goes out of her way to show students how much she cares for them. So far this year, we have received several handmade cards in the mail – all addressed to Sarah! Those cards make Sarah feel so special and she makes it a point to tell everyone in the family (even random strangers at HEB) that her teacher sent her a card in the mail. Great job Mrs. Noonan and THANK YOU for all you do for your students!!!! You are just too FABULOUS! Check out Sarah and her work below! ~ Jennifer Herring

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Alex Wagner...The Queen of Power Hour Implementation

Shout out to Alex Wagner for taking an idea from one of our Monday morning’s Power Hour and putting it into play that same Monday afternoon with her kiddos!

After noticing that our 3rd graders seemed to have a hard time determining the operation necessary to solve their word problems, the activity of physically SORTING the questions was proposed. Check it out!!!!!! Looks like the students are circling evidence and supporting their thinking too!

GO, ALEX! ~ Krista Marx

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Share Out from Mrs. Core....THANKS A TRILLION!

First mission to land on a comet happened today!! The video below detailed the years of work that went into it. I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share in case teachers wanted to share this event with their students. Science at work in real life!!! :)

Becca Core, Kindergarten Teacher at EES

Landing on a Comet - The Rosetta Mission

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