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Last Week Before Winter Break!

Announcements For the Final Week--Please Note the Full-Day Tuesdays in December and January

  • PLEASE NOTE: TUESDAY DECEMBER 15TH AND TUESDAY JANUARY 5TH ARE FULL DAY TUESDAYS. This Tuesday the 15th will be a special Activity Day for the children.
  • Thursday, December 17th is Pajama Day and is the last day of school before winter break (Pending any other announcements in which case the last day will be Wednesday and Pajama Day will take place on that same day). We will have special rotations with fun crafts and activities that the kids will enjoy!
  • Whether you are staying in Doha or traveling, please have a safe and healthy winter break. We'll see you back at ASD on Sunday, January 3, 2016!
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Miss Verhoye Takes a Camel Ride On the Way to the Inland Sea, Near Sealine Beach