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Do you like thanksgiving ? Then you can thank Squanto the pilgrims how to plant crops. Squanto wasa happy hord working Indian and a member of the pawtuxet tribe. Squanto was captured by Englishmen and sold as a slave. Squanto helped the pilgrims settle into the New world. Squanto's hard work created a forever friendship between the pilgrima and Indians.

Squanto the Good Worker

Squanto was born with the name tisauantum and was part of the patuxet tribe. He was born around 1580, in cape cod. His tribe was the most important tribe in the area where the English would first settle. Plymouth, Massachusetts is where the patuxet tribe lived. The patuxet Indians were peaceful and kind. They hunted wild animals and grew corn crops. Squanto belonged to a nice tribe called the patuxet Indians.

Squanto the Good slave

English settlers came to look for riches, but found the patuxet Indians and Squanto. When the Englishmen came to the new world, they found the Patuxet tribe. They decided to sell theem as slaves. Squanto was one of the Indians chosen to be sold as a slave. Squanto had to work day to night and had to learn how to speak English. Was used to working hard but he felt free winen he was picking berries. After a few years Squanto owner sall how sad he was and let him go. After that Squanto and John Smith saild to the New World. So that's show Squanto became a slave. If you want to learn more read on.


Squanto was a good man. He got captured a lot. He was always mad because he didn't want to be captured,he wanted to be free. He helped the pilgrims. He showed them how to plant crops. Squanto is a good man who got into trouble a lot.



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