Cirque Du Freak

I Thought Life As A Human Was Long


About The Cirque Du Freak Series (Genre= Fantasy)

The Cirque Du Freak Series is about a teenager who has to leave his human life and become a vampire so he can save his friend. As a vampire he has to join his new vampire master to try to hunt down the evil vampaneze lord. Darren keeps thinking how much beter life is as a vampire than a human. On the way Darren becomes a vampire prince and has to keep trying to find and kill the vampaneze lord.Also Darren keeps meanting up with lots of his old life memories,which keep fading away.


Darren Shan was born in July 2,1972 in Lambeth, United Kingdom. Darren spent his wole childhood there. His real name is Darren O’Shaughnessy. As a child from 6 years old he wanted to be a writer and he never thought of doing any other career when he grew up. He has always loved writing in his freetime. Darren Shan came up with the idea the Cirque Du Freak series by always having an interest in vampires and how they moved around including Count Dracula and other vampires told about in stories.