North Scituate Elementary School

April 2022 Newsletter

A Note from Mrs.Soccio

Beginning the week of April 4th, students in grades 3, 4, and 5 will take an on-line test of mathematics and English Language Arts proficiency called The Rhode Island Comprehensive Assessment System (RICAS). RICAS is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Students in grade 5 will also take the Rhode Island Next Generation Science Assessment (NGSA). Teachers and students have been working hard and are prepared!

Visit for more information.

We have transitioned back to all students eating in the cafeteria. The students are very excited. This has prompted us to review our expectations in the cafeteria with students. I would appreciate your support in reiterating our rules at home with your child. Our rules are; use your inside voice, no yelling, stay in your seat, be kind & respectful, and food stays on the table.

It will soon be time to begin planning for the 2022-2023 school year! We will be discussing classroom placement, and the faculty, staff and I will spend time considering each student's strengths and needs. The focus will be on ensuring balanced classrooms that are conducive to an optimal teaching and learning environment. Academic performance, learning styles, social and emotional growth, and a variety of other factors will be considered. If there are any special considerations about your child that you would like to make sure we take into account throughout this process, please do so in writing no later than May 1st. Due to fluctuating enrollment, classroom consolidation and/or additions, placement adjustments may occur prior to the start of school.

Please reach out with questions or concerns at any time.

Kaitlin Soccio, Principal

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Reading Newsletter

Check out this update from Mrs.Gould, reading specialist.

Surveyworks- Thank you!

Thanks to all families who completed our annual Surveyworks! In total we had 135 responses (!) which is a 77% response rate! Way to go! Thank you for your feedback. Once the results are released, our School Improvement Team will use the data to inform our School Improvement Plan.

Congratulations to our Surveyworks raffle winners:

First Grade: Casey D.

Second Grade: Mason P.

Third Grade: Olivia V.

Fifth Grade: Liliene K.

We enjoyed lunch from Expressos with a friend.

Mobile Ed's Earth Dome Visits

The Earth Dome is a gigantic inflatable earth balloon standing 19-feet high and 22-feet in diameter. It's made of 24 huge panels silkscreened with photographs shot from satellites of the surface of the world on cloud free days. It has been used extensively across the United States to educate students about geography as well as environmental issues.

Students were given a presentation outside as well as inside the balloon. They will see and better understand the scale of concepts such as continents, time zones, latitude, longitude, and more! Even major cities in comparison to the total earth will be recognized. This was such a treat and a great experience for us all!

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Student Council Creations

Student council members designed puzzles for Hebert Nursing Home residents. Great work! I know the residents will appreciate your beautiful creations.
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Scituate Kindergarten Registration 2022-2023

  • Children who will be five years old by September 1, 2022 are eligible to attend kindergarten in September 2022. The Scituate School Department requires registration for Kindergarten in Scituate.
  • Parents of children scheduled to attend kindergarten this fall will receive a registration packet in the mail. If you do not receive one, you should contact the school of attendance so that a registration packet can be sent to you.
  • Please mail or return the completed packet to your child's home school by Monday, May 2, 2022.

Clayville School:

3 George Washington Highway, Clayville

Phone: 647-4115

Hope School:

391 North Road, Hope

Phone: 821-3651

North Scituate School:

46 Institute Lane, North Scituate

Phone: 647-4110

If you have a question regarding which school your child will attend based on your address, please contact the Scituate School Department at 401-647-4100. Be advised that the Scituate School Department reserves the right to selectively redistrict your child to another Scituate elementary school based on class size issues. In most years this involves a relatively small number of students.

Choose Love Movement for Schools- SEL Curriculum

Students in Prek-5 are fully immersed in the Choose Love curriculum! Students participate in a weekly lesson rooted in one of the four units: Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Compassion in Action; all part of the Choose Love Formula. This month students will learn about hope.

The Choose Love calendar is below and was sent home with all students. It is our hope that this learning and small steps you can take daily is helpful for our North Scituate families to complete at home.


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Positive Office Referrals

Students will receive these awards for EXEMPLARY behavior in the following categories: self-control, citizenship, hard work, attitude, responsibility, courage, teamwork, and honesty.
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You may have heard the term STEM or STEAM recently as part of your child's education. We're finding that many parents are feeling lost about what STEAM is and how they can help as education moves quickly in a new direction of maker-spaces, coding, and electronics in the classroom. This is a quick intro on what STEAM is for parents who want to stay up to date.


Kind of like the subject area language arts, STEM is a mix of interrelated subjects that are taught together in an integrated way. STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. KitHub and some other STEM initiatives are pioneering the term STEAM, which adds an 'A' to the acronym for art.

There is a lot of research suggesting that integrating these subjects, especially adding a creative component with art, is beneficial for students and makes sense for the way kids learn. STEAM lessons are usually hands-on and exploratory (your might hear your child's teacher using the term inquiry-based). STEAM education prepares students for the real world, where professionals often use multiple disciplines (an engineer might also use a lot of math or a programmer might find creative approaches helpful to solving a problem.)

You might be hearing a lot more about STEAM because it's becoming increasingly important that schools and communities catch up to educating modern students. Most school districts in the US don't have a set curriculum for coding. Many schools don't have enough technology resources to fully integrate technology into education. For what some schools may lack, you might be able to find other resources in you community to help your child practice STEAM learning.


Ask your child's teacher about hands-on STEAM lessons or school activities. Some schools integrate STEAM in the classroom and other schools have clubs or fairs to encourage school-wide excitement. Make sure you find out about any after school or summer school programs that your school has partnerships with as well. The school librarian is usually a great resource to find out about school maker-spaces or technology initiatives.


Community maker-spaces have been popping up in cities all over the world. A maker-space is an area that holds events or sometimes rents out space or equipment to make all kinds of projects. Lots of maker-spaces have things like 3D printers, laser cutting machines, and woodworking tools. They might charge a membership fee or one-time fee, and sometimes they are free! Maker-spaces are a great resource for STEAM learning.

There are lots of government, business, and community sponsored STEM initiatives as well. You can find online inspiration and resources for school and home.


The best way to prepare students for STEAM learning is to start young and make it interesting to them. Provide a variety of experiences that your child enjoys, like going to science museums, making STEAM kits, reading STEAM books, and going to maker-spaces.



Kindergarten: Kubo Robot

Last trimester, the kindergarten class learned about rhythm with the Drum’s Alive program. We also explored coding on a website called

Starting this trimester, students are taking what they learned from and will start building their own code with puzzle blocks to navigate their robot from one place on a map to another. We are so excited to learn more about Kubo the Robot!

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Grade 2 STEAM

Last trimester, 2nd graders worked on a typing practice website called typing club which teaches students how to improve their typing skills. We also explored the website to learn more about technology and coding. This trimester, we have started learning about the game of Chess! Students will learn about all the parts, how to play, and will begin playing with classmates!
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Grade 3 STEAM

Last trimester, third graders were working with an educational application on the school tablets called Bloxels! Bloxels uses pixels and coding to help students develop their own video game! Third graders designed their character, enemies, background, and power ups.

This trimester, third grade is learning about a robot called Sphero. Sphero is a sphere shaped robot that connects to an ipad to allow users to code movements, lights, and animations on the robot. We are currently working in groups to code our sphero robots to navigate the perimeter of their 1 meter long square grid.

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Grade 3

Students in Mrs. DiLuglio's class are hard at work in math partners with fraction action. Students work together to solve adding and subtraction fractions using a numberline.
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Grade 4 STEAM

Fourth Graders started the first trimester working with partners on a robotics program called VEX-IQ. Vex-IQ allows students to build a code to make the robot function, and students can add sensors to parts of their robot to have the robot do certain actions. This semester, students are using a website called GIS which stands for Geographical Information Systems. This website shows students how to navigate the globe and how to add layers with different map settings such as maps like ponds, lakes, and streams or maps that show aerial photos of parts of the world! 4th graders will be working on GIS to develop a full research project that aligns with their class States Project.
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Grade 4

Students are working in their book clubs for their unit on mystery. Most recently, students have been working on creating their own mysteries. Students worked on creating several different characters, settings, event sequences, and narrators throughout the 9 week unit.
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ART with Ms. Davis

Wow, the art room has been quite busy over the past month. Students in each grade level have worked hard to make pieces to share with us. Thank you, Ms. Davis, for facilitating this work. I look forward to seeing more artwork at our Arts Night in May.
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Happenings & Events

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News from Northwest Special Education Region

The Special Education Local Advisory Committee (SELAC) meeting will hold it's final meeting of the school year on May 17, 2022.

All meetings are being held at the Ponaganset Middle School building in Room 150. The rear entrance to the building is used for this event. Parking is available behind the building. The address is 7 Rustic Hill Rd, Glocester, RI. Anyone wishing to attend needs to call 401-647-4106.

Scituate School Committee

The Scituate School Committee will hold it's next meeting on Tuesday, March 1st. All members of the school community are encouraged to attend. The meetings begin at 7 p.m. at the Scituate High School auditorium. This month's meeting will be virtual. Click here to view agenda.

PTO Update

Our next PTO meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18th at 7:30p.m. and will be held virtually! A link will be sent out to all families. We hope to see you there to discuss many upcoming events!

Important Dates

April 8th: Tai Chai Assembly

April 14th: Spring Picture Day

April 15th: Good Friday- No School

April 18th-22nd: Spring Recess- No School

April 29th: Girl Choice Event @ Alpine Country Club

May 1st: Boys Choice Event @ Dave & Busters

May 5th: Gr. 5 Trip to STEM Program @ Fenway

May 6th: Tie Dye Day!

May 11th: DL Day Students/ PD Day Staff

May 23rd-27th: Spring Book Fair

May 26th: Arts Night 6:00-7:30pm

May 30th: Memorial Day- No School

June 8th: Grade 1 Trip Audubon Society

June 13th: Field Day (raindate 6/14)

June 15th: Kindergarten Celebration

June 16th: Grade 5 Celebration

June 17th: Kona Ice

June 17th: Grade 4 Trip to Pequot Museum, Grade 2 Trip to the Zoo

June 20th: Last Day of School