Coach Hundalls P.E. class

cristal mesta 5th period

What is the definition of P.E.

P.E. is a place where you do exersize and play games.

Expectations (code of conduct)

-one expectation is to not still I the locker room

-another expectation is to wash your cloths by Monday

-and to wash your cloths every week

-and to listen to the coach when she is talking to you

-dress out

we have to dress out everyday exept for friday and we have to wear blue shorts and a gray shirt and socks with athletic shoes and our hair has to be up.


when we go out to the gym we have to lock our lockers because someone can still our stuff and we cant still other peoples stuff.


for us to get a good grade like a 100 we have to dress out everyday and act rite and do our health day work.

-health day

health days are on fridays and you have to do an assinment in the book or sometimes we watch a movie and answer questions.