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Materials - Market Volatility

Now is the Time!

With the volatility of pricing for building materials, lack of product availability, lead times and instability of the market, if you are going to purchase a new roof, re-roof or roof restoration system, now is the time to proceed.

Once signed with Longhorn, materials are ordered to lock in the lower pricing that we have negotiated with suppliers.

Contact us to discuss how we will reduce your expenses and timeframe for completion!

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What Our Customers Say!

"When my partner and I purchased XXX Ford facility in 2008, we knew we had roof leaks, but we bought the building 'as is'. The thought of securing a bid to replace our roof was daunting, as we have over 42K square feet. So, in the meantime, we put up with patching and dealing with roof leaks all of these years.

I wished I would have met you sooner! Once I made a decision to see out several bids, I found you to not only be very competitive, but a man of honor who is very experienced in the roofing business.

You and your team exceeded my expectations by taking the initiative to perform additional details, which were not on the bid, in order to install a first-class roof, in a timely manners. I no longer need to have buckets in the attic and I no longer have to replace ceiling tiles."


Thank you for the report! The roof looks great and it performed well with the heavy rain we received shortly after the crew finished the work. My employees, my tenants, and I were elated, because it had been some time since we had remained dry during a heavy rain. Jose and his team were very professional and went above and beyond not disturb our business and investigate not only the problem areas, but the roof as a whole to ensure the leaking issue was resolved. He and his team’s quality work and dedication validated Kevin’s promise I would be pleased with my roof. I am very pleased! Many contractors have tried, but you were the first to succeed. I look forward to working with you again!

One more:

Wow! What a sweetheart you are! I knew I had made the right choice when I selected Longhorn Roofing!! I can not thank you enough! I will be sending a review on Longhorn when I catch my breath from the move. Thank you again! Sandy❤️

More About a Few of Us!

Chad Edwards, President, started Longhorn in 2008 after many years of working in construction. He decided to concentrate solely on commercial roofing and has proven to be dedicated in providing cost effective, long-term solutions to clients from small re-roofs to multi-million new builds. Chad has built a stellar team because he concentrated on a healthy company culture first. Previous clients and those referred to Longhorn are consistently calling our offices, because they know and trust that Mr. Edwards will always deliver.

Renee’ Urso, Vice President of Operations, used her logistical experience, positive energy and safety experience to build an effective operations team that focuses on delivering exceptional results for every client. Her communication skills have developed a trust with clients that many companies are incapable to match. At the same time, she has proven to give the support to team members to go above and beyond what is needed to get the job done. Renee’ is a participating member of NWIR (National Women in Roofing) and NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction).

Kevin Pucetas, Vice President of Sales, brought unparalleled energy and a focus on recruiting talented individuals. His concentration on building relations with clients and his team members, has proven to be beyond successful. Kevin has always been competitive, from his days of professional baseball to other sales positions that he has held. His home at Longhorn is more than providing a superior brand, it is all about building the respected loyalty.