When Contemplating Abortion….

By, Drake Tilson

Abortion is 1st Degree Murder

Contrary to popular belief, aborting a baby is murder, you are killing a living person. People say that the fetus can't feel anything, but in reality the fetus can feel everything the abortionist is doing and is put through unimaginable pain when aborted.

Abortion Methods….

There are many methods to abort a baby. Some abortionists will use a suction tube that literally tears apart the baby and sucks the remains out of the uterus, and then they will use a pair of forceps to crush the baby's head (because it is too big to suck out with the suction tube) and then suck out the remaining bits and pieces of the baby's head. Other abortionists will do a "partial birth" abortion which is where they force the baby half way out of the birth canal feet first. They will then cut off the feet/legs and then force the baby out of the birth canal a little further to slit the baby's neck and then the remains are thrown away, and the abortion is done. This method take 2-3 days, whereas the first method only takes a couple hours.
The only positive thing about abortion being legal in the United States is that, legalized abortion gives women the opportunity to abort their baby in a safe environment that is done by medical professionals. If aborting were illegal, there would be a lot more "back alley" abortions, which is where the mother-to-be using something like a coat hangar to do the abortion herself. Back alley abortions are extremely dangerous, and can severely injure the mother, not completely kill the baby, and can even kill the mom. If abortion is something you're going to do, going to a clinic with doctors that know what they're doing is the best possible outcome for the worst possible maternal situation.