Man vs. Life

Mi Vida

Parrot in the Oven By: Victor Martinez Published By Harper Collins in 1998

"That summer my brother, Bernardo, or " Nardo," as we call him, flipped through more jobs than a thumb through a deck of cards."

"I imagined already being on the baseball team at school, and people looking at me. Not these people picking chilies or those sent away in the vans, but people i had yet to know, watching me as I stood mightily in center field."


He gets fired off of more jobs than what anyone could expect from him.

Why should you read this book?

This is a great book. It's a book that should be easy to understand. The book gives a lot of description of what happens and the problems occurring. It gives a lot of strong voice coming from the main character and how someone could possibly feel or react to what he's going through with his family.

Catchy Expression

"Read and it will be a need."