Luke and Baylee


Robin Hood from the Disney movie, Robin Hood, is a character that gives everything to the people around him to help them keep hope that things will get better. He steals from the rich to feed and take care of the poor, which in the end the people are so highly taxed that Robins efforts to help aren't enough. He does everything for the people of Knottingham in order to keep the hope alive that everything will work out in the end. Robin Hood is the benefactor in this story because he gives everything in order to help the others. He works very hard to try to keep hope alive. Though his deed of stealing is not right, he still gives everything that he has like a benefactor would.

Mistreated/Misunderstood Villain

Magneto is a mutant who can control metal. He is the leader of the brotherhood mutants. He wears a helmet that protects him from being controlled by other mutants and also has a cape. His clothing are colored purple and red. He is mistreated because his mother was taken from him and because mutants are freaks in human eyes making him want to kill them all.


Napoleon from George Orwell's novel, Animal Farm, is a character that twists the words of Snowball in order to get the domination over the group. He is followed by the other animals due to his manipulation of words and situations, he can also be taken as a compulsive liar in order to get what he wants. Napoleon definitely represents a manipulator because to get what he wants, he has to twist things out of shape in order to get what he wants domination over the other animals. Throughout Animal Farm, he lies to the other animals so they would trust and follow him and not Snowball.