The science of Biostimulation

The usage of bacteria to clean water

What is Biostimulation?

Biostimulation is the use of bacteria to clean things. In our case, we'll be talking about Biostimulation to clean water. Biostimulation is a way to stimulate bacteria to reproduce heavily and eat the material the people doing it want to remove. The 'stimulators' pump in limiting nutrients (essential nutrients that exist in low amounts to a species) which makes the bacteria reproduce heavily. They then begin to eat the substance the stimulators want to remove (usually oil) which then removes almost all of it from the substance it was present in before (Water, Dirt, Rock).
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Materials used

  • Limiting Nutrients for a species of hydro carbon degrading bacteria
  • Way to inject nutrients into the ground

Advantages and disadvantages of Biostimulation

+ and - Tech for Water
  • Can be done with present bacteria
  • Is cheap
  • Can be used to clean up contaminant

+ and - Tech for Environment

  • Easy to clean up oil and other pollutants
  • Uses natural materials
  • Don't need to add in anything not already present

+ and - Tech for Humans

  • Advances in bacteria
  • Makes oil less dangerous
  • Uses less money for something very useful
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Long Term effects

There are no long term effects of Biostimulation as the bacteria eventually die back to original population

Interesting facts

  • The bacteria used in Biostimulation does not affect any animals
  • This technology could have saved millions of animals lives if it was used during Gulf of Mexico disaster