Neolithic Revolution

Felipe Robles

When,were, why

You might think neolithic revolution means soldiers fighting but neolithic revolution means a change in a way prehistoric people obtain food and organized themselves but this revolution didn't happen fast it took several thousand years. one major change is that hunter gathers started to settle in permanent society stop being nomadic and stop migrating because they learned how to farm and grow crops.but they stayed in the fertile crescent in the middle of two river were there a lot of rich dirt and water this rivers are called Tigris and Euphrates river also the neolithic revolution started after the ice age when the climate started getting warmer all around the globe b before that people yous to be nomadic and migrated. when they were nomadic they hunted and ate plant-based food that they gather on there whey.

The first crops

before early nomads didn't know how to grow crops so they gathered from wild plants and where they stay there aren't enough resource so they moved to different location and diminishing supply of wild grain may of lead to farming with out enough wild grain to support the population early humans need new ways to produce food. woman noticed patterns in the growth of wild plants in the areas they rapidly visited and then learned how to grow plants and men kept hunting. they stored crops in pit and buildings and they grow barley and wheat in India in the middle east they grew figs,lentils and rye china grew millet and rice and in america depend a lot on corn beans and squash and for innovation they yous fertilizer and farming tools

First Farm animals

Domestication changed people lives now that we domesticated animals like dogs which were the first animals to be domesticated to help hunt and also sheep and goats

were domesticated for whole and there small size.animals were domesticated about

10,000 years ago and we yous to fallow animals but know they fallow us because we

give them food cattle were the animals that mostly changed are whey's of living they do all of

the hard work and humans could do other things instead of farming. and disease were a problem to domesticating because the disease from the animals got on to humans. humans called cattle beast of Burden which means a strong animal that can carry a heavy loads.but also farm animals weren't just yous for food they were yous d for manure,whole,hides and milk.