Rosie's restaurant

A place with really good food


side orders

sweet fruit salad $2.50

freshly ripped fruit that is clean and then cut up into just the perfect size and then all mixed together in one big bowl.


delightful chicken noodle soup $3.00

noodles boiled in chicken broth and then put together with celery, and carrots. Then you cut up chicken and put it in there the you cook it on the stove until it comes to a simmer then served to the delightful customers


charming sweet tea $1.00

tea boiled in a pan the poured in a cup and put in the refrigerator then token out and then it is served with a lime or lemon on top.

Rosie's mouthwatering chocolate milk shake $ 2.00

a milkshake made by blending syrup and milk, then add ice cream, then blend until smooth then poured into a cup, and then finally it it served with whipped cream and chocolate syrup and a yummy cherry


melted chocolate cake $3.50

chocolate cake with a light chocolate icing and the topped with melted chocolate icing and crushed up oreos

double mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches $3.00


American bacon burger $4.00

two buns with a really juicy hamburger patty and then you add on with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, delicious bacon, and mayo planted on top

Rosie's barbecue boneless wings 2.00

Boneless raw wings backed in the oven until it is half way done then taken out and got tossed into a bowl with smooth honey barbecue sauce. Then poured back on the cooking sheet and put back in the oven for 25 minutes. And then finally you take the wings out and put them on a plate and then nicely served to the customers

breakfeast items