January 7-11


Good morning.

Welcome to 2019! I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable winter break . Time to dig into the second half of the school year. January is always about fresh beginning and positive change. I love the promise of the New Year and all the possibilities it holds for us and our students.

Just a reminder that seventh and eighth grade will go back to their lockers before dismissal if they are in gym, art or family consumer science. The special teachers will supervise them.

The Professional Development talks about Instructional Strategies. I know this week will be busy as we get back into the swing of things. I will include the information on next week's newsletter as well to provide additional time to read through it.

Have a great day and week!

Aim High and Dream Big!!


What's Going This Week

This week is LA Supervision.

Monday- Basketball- Georgetown ( Boys Home)


Wednesday-EH-Staff Meeting- Basketball- West Clermont( Boys Home)- Heather's Birthday


Friday- Report Cards Go Home

Professional Development

When we are thinking about our instruction and moving forward with 21st Century Learning, reflection is very important. Here are some questions, processes and changes in education to think about.

· What do schools look like when they organize around commitment to the achievement of high standards by all students?

· How do we use data to inform our practices?

· How can we provide multiple pathways to a learning experience?

· How do we work together to maximize student learning?

The 21st Century Standards-Based Planning Process

When we constantly examine our practices and instructional decisions in terms of desired outcomes and student learning, we are more likely to ensure that all students achieve at high levels. We should be using these questions to lead our team and subject level meeting discussions:

· What should students know and be able to do?

· How will the students and I know when they are successful?

· Given my task analysis, what learning experiences will facilitate student success?

· Based on data, how do I refine the learning experiences?

Marzano’s High Yield Strategies

When planning your instruction, identify similarities and differences is the number one high yield in the classroom. How can you incorporate compare and contrast into your daily practice?

1. Identify similarities and differences

2. Summarizing and notetaking

3. Reinforcing effort and providing recognition

4. Homework and practice

5. Nonlinguistic representation

6. Cooperative learning

7. Setting objectives and providing feedback

8. Generating and testing hypotheses

9. Questions, cues and graphic organizers

Here is a link that shows what research says and what it would look like in the classroom.


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Article on The 8 Teaching Strategies that John Hattie and Robert Marzano Agree On

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The After-Winter Break Plan: Back to School We Go

The After-Winter Break Plan: Back to School We Go

As the new year rolls around

And I return to school,

I think about the restful weeks

In which I was refueled.

I woke without alarms,

I watched my Netflix shows,

I stayed in my pajamas

And covered up in throws.

I also think about the kids

Who spent the holiday

Hoping for a present

From Santa in his sleigh.

And when the presents never came,

And Santa flew on by,

They went to bed with hunger pangs

And slept with teary eyes.

So, with those students on my mind,

I wake and dress and pray.

I might be the only one

To brighten up their day.

I will greet them in my room

And smile and hug them tight.

And in my classroom, 8 to 3,

Their world will be alright.

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