Leadership Impact

Becoming an effective thinker

Effective learning, understanding and innovation

1. Understand Deeply

  • Don't face complex issues head-on. Understand the basics first.
  • Clear the clutter and get to the heart of what is important.
  • Be honest about what you know and don't know.
  • Understand the gaps and fill them in.
  • Rock solid understanding is the foundation for success.

2. Make Mistakes

  • Mistakes are great teachers.
  • They highlight unforeseen opportunities and holes in your understanding.
  • They show you which way to turn next and ignite your imagination.

3. Raise Questions

  • Constantly create questions to clarify and extend your understanding.
  • What's the real question?
  • Ideas are in the air; questions will help bring them out and help you see connections that otherwise would have been invisible.

4. Follow the Flow of Ideas

  • Look back to see where ideas came from and then look ahead to discover where they may lead.
  • A new idea is a beginning, not an end.

5. Change: The Quintessential Element

Change is the universal constant that helps you get the most out of life and living.

“As I see it, the best sort of schooling is organized around problems, projects, and questions—as opposed to facts, skills, and disciplines. Knowledge is acquired, of course, but in a context and for a purpose."

Excerpts from: Kohn, Alfie, "What Does It Mean to Be Well Educated?"
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