Buy our Red river Cart

It's great for freezing your butt off around North Dakota!


This is the most expensive Red river cart at $1 a piece. Real Expensive isn't it? Please just buy it. It's taking up too much room in my backyard.


  1. Is buoyant enough float over small streams
  2. Completely made of wood
  3. Can hold up to 1000 lbs
  4. Can easily bring your items and family over to the Christmas dinner at your grandma's house over in Beulah that you oh so want to go to.


  1. It's makes a squeaking noise
  2. You will freeze your butt off in North Dakota if you don't bring 5 coats and 2 blankets for each person.
  3. It will take you a long time to get place to place. So remember to bring lots of food.
  4. Animals will eat your face off if you have lots of meat.


The first appearance of the red river cart was at Fort Pembina about a little south of whats now the US border.

People who sold fur used this a lot.

Invented and developed by the Metis and Anglo-Metis people

Look at this video I found about the Red river cart

Oooh wow so amazing right
Red River Carts