"We Hope For A Better Future"


Our NGO is non-profitable and all the money it raises will go directly into the purchase of new materials for the workshops or for food to distribute. ESO stands for European Spero ( "I hope") Organization.

If you want to help by donating or if you simply have a question send it to our email through our website.

What do we do?

Even though UK is a very developed country it has a very big portion of its population starving and feeding themselves on food banks. This problem is mainly caused by unemployment, high food prices and food wastage.To tackle this our NGO created a sustainable living cycle so that these people don´t have to keep relying on external aid to survive. We intend to solve this problem through education which is the most powerful weapon we can have and so will educate the population on how to eat, buy and cook properly so that food wastage in the UK is reduced. We will not only educate the population about the food as we will also, together with other businesses, educate people so that they are better qualified and can work.