Principal Update

October 24, 2016

Welcome Back BSE Crew!

I hope you all had a wonderful four day break. I want to thank you all for the amazing energy you offered our BSE parents during parent teacher conferences. We had many happy and satisfied customers, thanks you your attention to detail and commitment to positive, yet "real" communication.

Today you will see a that the United Way HSE Campaign has kicked off. This year we will try something new for the campaign:

1. Beginning next week, we will be professional dress Mon-Thurs for the entire year.

2. Beginning next Friday, JEANS FOR ANY EMPLOYEE EVERY FRIDAY who make the minimum electronic donation ($10) or higher to United Way Campaign this year (until the next United Way Kick-Off).

Our school goal is always 80% higher on participation and the new format allows for this to improve and possibly help us meet our goal.

Thanks for in advance for your participation with United Way!


The links below are from Dr. Kinsley's 1/2 Day Training...take a look.

Boss's Day

A huge THANK YOU to all staff members and Social Butterflies for the generous note, gift card and pizza lunch. It was yummy! We are thankful to work with dedicated educators putting in some crazy hours these last few weeks! It is because of each of you that we enjoy showing up to work each and every day!

Dr. K & Mrs. Rich

WANTED: HSE 21 in Action Student Displays Boards

Carolyn kicked off the start of the year with reminding us that no one walking by our classrooms should question what purpose, process, and end product our students are engaged in because we tell our stories of our teaching and learning through our displays. Kim Stephenson has some great insight to share at our next Bulletin Display Dialogue PD but needs a buddy that is willing to use the outside of their classroom as our platform for discussion. Will it be YOU?

Contact Megan if you are thinking about it and would like to know more!

Injuries at Recess & Radioing Mrs. Sweet

As expected, most injuries occur during recess. Recess takes place from 11-1:30 which is a large chunk of our day and during instructional blocks for many. Although communication is highly important and needed to provide information, we'd like for you to consider if radioing is needed when sending a student to Mrs. Sweet.

Major Injuries that require radioing Mrs. Sweet are:

  • Head injuries
  • Injuries that require more information such as a possible broken bone.
  • Vomiting

Incidents where students may come to clinic but radioing is not necessary:

  • Scratch
  • Bloody nose
  • Lost tooth
  • Splinters
  • Scrape that needs cleaning

Mrs. Sweet may radio or call a teacher's extension if more information is needed. If in doubt or the incident requires immediate communication, radio!

Collaboration with Mrs. Patrick

Mrs. Patrick believes in total transparency. She is happy to share her Outlook calendar with anyone; however she recognizes that not everyone accesses their email or calendar through Office 365. This can make viewing her calendar, as well as creating calendar events, difficult.

Calendly is a great solution! If you're trying to find an open 30 minute or hour block on her schedule, try this link

Library - Intranet Calendar

Please continue using the Intranet Calendar to schedule special events in our library.

Sign in using your network username and password. How you log into your computer each morning.

Leveled Literacy Intervention Refresher

Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 8-8:45am

Conference Room

This training is designed for those that are not new to LLI but want an opportunity to ask questions in order to clarify purpose and process regarding taking emerging readers to become fluent readers. Those of you encouraged to attend have received an invite via O365 directly to your calendar.

Behaviors & Office Support

Kudos to you and your dedication to meet with families in order to discuss academic and behavior successes and areas for growth during conferences. This is such a prime time to discuss any type of undesired behaviors especially if impacting academic success for the individual student or others.

Admin and the PBIS team is working on a process to better identify majors and minors and when to use the office for support.

Questions to ponder:

  1. Classroom: What deescalation strategies do you use at the classroom level?
  2. Partner: Have you and your teammates identified buddy rooms for quick time outs in order to distract undesired behaviors?
  3. Grade Level: How can we strengthen our PBIS practice of using our teammates for behavior suggestions just as we do for academic strategies?
  4. Office: What documentation are you using in order to show the steps taken prior to using office support such as reflection, deescalation, parent contact, etc.

September referrals multiplied by 9 when compared to August, whoa!

"When students do not know how to read, we teach them. When students do not know how to behave, we...teach them."

Book Study

Reading Picture Books with Children by Megan Dowd Lambert

Charlesbridge, 2015

Author Megan Dowd Lambert is a Professor of Children’s Literature at Simmons College. She also works in the Education Department at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. Follow her at @MDowdLambert on Twitter.

This is an independent book study. Participants will make it a goal to read sections by the dates outlined below. No face-to-face meetings with the exception of an optional Skype session with Megan Dowd Lambert on Friday, December 9 after school.

Let Kristin Patrick know if you are participating so she can add you to the O365 group.

Week of October 24

Preface & Introduction

Ch. 1: That’s About the Size of It: Trim Size and Orientation

Week of October 31

Ch. 2: Coming Attractions: Jackets and Covers

Week of November 7

Ch. 3: Visual Overtures: Endpapers

Week of November 14 & 21

Ch. 4: Slow Down and Look: Front Matter

Week of November 28

Ch. 5: Knocked Out by Type: Typography

Week of December 5

Ch. 6: Gutter Talk and More: Page Design

Ch. 7: Children, Children, What Do You See?: Nurturing Visual Intelligence

Ch. 8: The Picture Book Playground: The Benefits (and Fun) of the Whole Book Approach

Amplify the Joy of Reading with the Camera App

Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 4-4:45pm


Make reading social with the camera app! Kristin Patrick and Stephanie Dale will share low-stress/high-fun/no-budget ideas how teachers can promote the joy of reading with students, their families, and our global community.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Change for Change Jewelry is in!

If you had the opportunity to shop Fatima's office, the jewelry is being delivered to Fatima's house this evening. You can come as early as 4:45 to pick it up! Carrie will have double the amount of jewelry tonight that was in Fatima's office. Come for fun!

Celebrate End of Conferences! Sparkles & Serum @ Fatima's House

Monday, Oct. 24th, 5-7pm

11415 Falling Water Way, Fishers, IN, United States

Did you miss the opportunity to shop for some jewelry? Fatima is hosting a final fundraiser in order to send medications to Fondwa, Haiti due to Hurricaine Matthew. Not only can you get some early shopping done for holidays or birthdays or yourself, there will be an opportunity on how to gain confidence and feel better about yourself. Come for some fun and support a great cause. CATALOG FOUND HERE.

Scholastic Book Fair - promo video - 11/7, 11/9, 11/10, 11/11

Please sign up to bring your class to the library to watch the Scholastic Book Fair video and to checkout books.

It will be a 30 minute bonus prep. You will want to drop your kids off on time. :)

Scholastic Book Fair - shopping - 11/15, 11/16, 11/17, 11/18

Sign up one or more times to bring your class to shop the book fair.

This is not a bonus prep. Space will be... cozy! One entire class at a time though teachers are welcome to send students is small groups whenever throughout the week.

Scholastic Book Fair - Clifford & Cookies - 11/5

Be a guest reader at Clifford & Cookies.

Families are invited to

  • Shop the book fair
  • Enjoy cookies provided by Marsh Supermarkets
  • Take photos with Clifford the Big Red Dog and another special guest...
  • Listen to read alouds from Brooks School teachers