Sadler Means YWLA

Week of 9/7-9/11

Week Three is Here!

Dragons UNITED! We have earned our three day weekend! Thank you so much for your focus to make things run seamlessly!

Child Study Team

Behavior Monitoring

We have gotten off to a great start in our Child Study Teams. All grade levels have identified up to four students who will set goals. We will monitor their behaviors, so be on the look out for those tracker sheets per class period. We all know a little positive reinforcement goes a long way! Let's help our girls be successful!

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to our grade level team leaders: Ms. Potter, Coach Harris, and Ms. Gish!

AND DON'T FORGET a LOUD and PROUD THANK YOU to our selfless team of coverage teachers who are being flexible as they float from class to class!

Volleyball Season

Schedule of Games

9/10- Dragons v Dobie

9/17- Dragons v Kealing @ Kealing

9/24- Dragons v Burnet

10/1- Dragons v Lamar @ Lamar

10/8- Dragons v Webb @ Webb

Let's all try to make it to at least one game if possible! Girls Leading the Way!

House System Update

House Points

We are all set up in Class Dojo. If you do not have access at this time, please follow the directions shared in the Purple House Handbook. Please make sure to input all of your points into Class Dojo by Monday. The deadline moving forward is Thursday by 4PM. This way, the points can be consistently posted for the girls Friday by lunch.

Finally, at this time Salubritas has a scale factor of 1.3. This means that each point is worth 1.3 because of the size of the House. As we enroll and drop students, this may change.

If there are any students that need to be added or dropped at this time, email Ms. Benson.

Student House Leader Selection

We will be going through the selection process for our student leaders Thursday and Friday. Please see the emaze presentation, as well as, the attached documents to make the process go smoothly.


  • Emaze
  • Agendas
  • Student House Leaders Requirement 15-16 (word.doc)
  • Email
  • Ballots
  • Google Sheet shared from Ms. Benson on Thursday 9/10

Teacher House Leaders

Please see your Teacher House Leader if you have any questions or ideas!

Integritas- Dyer and Grona

Collegium- Natalino and Balderrama

Salubritas- Wiese and Zamorano

Cell Phone Policy

Support Your Teammates: All for One and One for ALL!

Below you will find the Device Policy for our Campus.

As agreed upon during In-Service, we will all enforce the policy as to not make "bad guys" on campus of our fellow teammates. As a reminder, we agreed that one warning is fair, but then the phone will be taken up and turned into the office. This is the rule across the board. If you are using phones for academic purposes, make sure you have a procedure in place where phones are properly turned off and stored before entering the hallway. Finally, we do not allow cellphone charging in class.

Thank you for your compliance on this directive.

Sadler Means YWLA

Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy

It is against policy for any student to use a cell phone or pager during class or in the hallways from the time they arrive until the end of the school day unless they have been given specific permission from a teacher or administrator for its use.

· Students are completely responsible for the phone device at all times.

· Phones must be turned off at all times on campus.

· Phones are to be kept out of sight (e.g. backpack or pocket).

· If it is used, displayed or heard without permission during school hours, the device will be confiscated and sent to the office.

· The device will not be available for return to the owner until after two school days have elapsed from the date of confiscation.

· To retrieve a confiscated device, a parent/guardian must come to school, show a photo ID, and complete a request form. This must be done during posted school hours on regular school days.

· Parents/guardians must also pay a $15.00 fee in cash or money order. (No checks will be accepted.)

· Repeat offenders or students who refuse to comply with this policy will be subject to additional disciplinary measures.

Uniform Procedures


Moving forward, uniform Violation will be handled via After-school Detention instead of Saturday School. Please discard any Saturday School passes and replace with After-school detention passes placed in your boxes.

We are working on getting uniform items for those in need. We are also working on skirt checkouts. Please email or call Ashley Ayala for questions or concerns regarding uniform assistance needs.

The following is still the procedure. Thank you for reinforcing school expectations.

Uniform Checks during MM and Regular Class Periods

  • Mentoring Minds

    • Students are required to be in uniform at all times.

    • In order to allow the student to correct the uniform infraction, the student will be allowed to call parents to get the correct items by the end of Mentoring Minds.

    • If a student arrives out of uniform, please allow the student to use your classroom phone to contact her parent or guardian.

    • If they are unable to correct the uniform infraction, write a uniform violation pass and notify the designated Assistant Principal via text or email before the end of class.

  • Regular Class Periods

    • Students are required to be in uniform at all times.

    • Teachers will ensure that all students are in uniform while on campus.

    • Check uniform as the students enter your class every period.

      • Your bellringer should be clearly posted in your room. Students should enter and have clear procedures and routines to move right into learning.

      • Since your routines are in place, stand at the door and greet the students while actively monitoring student behaviors in the hallway.

      • As you greet the students, maintain a friendly demeanor as you scan for uniform infractions.

      • If the student is out of uniform, she should have a uniform violation pass signed by an administrator or her MM teacher.

      • If she does not have a pass, please write her a uniform violation notify the Assistant Principals via text or email before the end of class.

      • If the uniform infraction can be quickly remedied without leaving the class, have the student take care of it immediately.

        • The student should still receive a uniform violation because it is the expectation for students to be in uniform at all times while on campus.

Student Monitoring and Customer Service LOOK FORS

What should I be looking for as I monitor students in places other than my classroom? How can I help make the entire school a safe zone for all kids?


  • Hands to self
  • Continuous Movement (Help groups move along)
  • Food/Candy/Drinks
  • Running
  • Yelling
  • Passes
  • Time Management
  • Cell Phones or Devices


  • Not seated
  • Yelling-Inside Voices/No chanting
  • Appropriate Conversation
  • Jumping Tables
  • Moving Chairs
  • In-Out of Cafeteria
  • Passes if going to classes or Library
  • Appropriate Cellphone use (with headphones)
  • Running
  • Groups gathering quickly
  • Groups exiting to the courtyard quickly
  • Hands to Self
  • Cleaning Up after Self/Group
  • Ettiquette
  • Non-Uniform Items (Usually Jackets, shoes, hats, bandanas, blankets,etc)
  • Non-CATCH Campus Approved Items (Cake, Pizza, Fast Food, any drinks except clear water, cafeteria milk or boxed juice, and/or unsweet tea)


  • Running
  • Inappropriate dancing
  • Hands to self
  • Students entering building (band hall or gym area)
  • Students gathering quickly
  • Aggressive Movements
  • Shouting
  • Name-calling
  • Bullying
  • Students who distance themselves from adults (near gym/under tree area/etc)
  • Circling

After-School Duty

  • Lingering Adults
  • Angry Family Members
  • Bus Safety
  • Crosswalk Safety
  • Walking
  • Students in correct location
  • Students leaving campus and returning
  • Uniform
  • Yelling
  • Inappropriate Conduct
  • Boys on Campus
  • Safe driving

Professional Pathways for Teachers

First Six Weeks Top Three

  1. Classroom Expectations
  2. Procedures/Routines
  3. Classroom Climate

Approaching Deadlines

Sept 8- PPfT Online Training (4PM)

Sept 9- Laptop Forms due to Ms. Cantu (4PM)

Sept 10- M&M Student Nominations (email to Ms. Benson by 4PM)

Sept 11- PPfT Individualized Learning Plan (4PM)

Sept 14- Student Work Show and Tell (Circle Maps and Think Pair Share) in PLC

Sept. 15- HCP Health Trainings (4PM)

Sept. 18- Input Student Contract Dates in Google Doc (4PM)

Mentoring Minds


Thank you for doing such an excellent job at rolling out our campus expectations, procedures, and routines! Please make sure you have been able to cover the following in M&M. If not, please cycle in by Sept. 18th.

  • Cafeteria Expectations
  • Hallway Expectations
  • Cell Phone Policy
  • CATCH Drink Policy
  • Uniform Expectations and Consequences
  • Agenda Expectations
  • Binder Expectations
  • Locker Agreements
  • Laptop Training (forms due to Ms. Cantu 9/9)
  • Intro to Creed
  • Creed Practice
  • Creed Identity
  • House Program (9/8)
  • House Identity (9/8)
  • Dojo Points (9/8)
  • Student House Leader Selection (9/10-9/11)

This Week at Sadler Means YWLA

Monday 9/7

Party in the USA-or- Complete PPfT Online Training (Hopefully not)

Tuesday 9/8

  • PPfT Training DUE
  • MM-House Program Overview/Class Dojo
  • Back to School Night (530-7PM)
  • Laptop Training (530-7PM)
  • Binder Bash (530-7PM)

LASA NHS- Staff Childcare

Ms. Stone is working on getting student volunteers for Staff Childcare on Tuesday evening. More information to come. Please contact Ms. Stone for further information.

Wednesday 9/9

  • MM- Assembly Run-through
  • DUE: Laptop Forms to Ms. Cantu
  • ELA PLC: RTI Melissa Minor

Thursday 9/10

  • MM-Student Representatives for House Leader
  • Leadership Meeting (4PM Library)
  • DUE: Dojo Points

Friday 9/11

  • CST Chair Meeting
  • DUE: Individualized Learning Plan
  • PLC: SLO Support Day