The Most Essential Nutrient


Function of Water

Water maintains the health and integrity of every cell in our bodies. Water also helps us eliminate the byproducts of metabolism. It can even regulate body temperature through sweating. We need all of these thnngs and more to even live.

Examples of Foods Containing Water

1. Cucumber- 96.0% water

2. Celery- 95.4% water

3. Tomatoes- 94.5% water

4. Strawberries- 91.0% water

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Reasons Why Water Is Most Essential Nutrient

Water is the basis for all life on Earth, and that makes it very important. First off, you have to drink/eat it to keep hydrated. Drinking for water also reduces the risk of some diseases. Water also goes to your bloodstream to ensure that it is flowing efficiently. Lastly, it helps you metabolize your food.


David Gildehaus