All About 4.3!

Dear Parents,

This has been a fantastic week! We used our precious time to discover and learn all about ourselves, and our friends in the classroom. Throughout the week we discovered people's favorite color, food, their hair color, how many siblings do they have. We also spoke about our special talents and what makes us unique. We learned how even though we are all different and may not look alike, we need to respect each other and our differences. We will continue learning and sharing all about ourselves next week!

With love... <3

Ms. Nicole, Ms. Karina and Ms. Lea.

Special Visitors

Ms. Ianina who was the teacher in Prek4.3 last year, came to give us a warm visit to all of us! She showed us her Letter of the Day Alphabet Game, in which the teacher takes three beanbag letters without looking and then we all sing together "Who let the (letter that was grabbed) out" and we say the sound which that letter makes. For instance lets pretend we got the letter E. We would sing "Who let the E out, (children respond) eh, eh, eh." She then showed us how to spell our name using play dough, shaving cream and moon sand.

They had a blast!!!

Thank you Ms. Ianina

We also met the special people that help our school run properly. Ms. Becky the elementary school principal, Ms. Alida our preschool principal, Mr. Sava the dean of students and Ms. Chrissie our counselor. Mr. Sava shared a story with us :)

Me in a Bag

This week we learned all about Carlotta, Matias, and Jack. and Tania. Carlotta shared with the class all her jewelry, a princess book and a stuffed animal. Matias showed us a car, some toys and his Yuyitzu belt, he even demonstrated his moves. Jack brought his soccer ball, his golf ball, a car and a little toy, he went around and showed all the items one by one. Tania shared with the class a stuffed animal of hers that she gave a backpack, and a little notebook because her little friend was going to school!

Words of the Week

Please review these words with your child these words and their meanings during the weekend.









Books of the Week

Playground Fun!

What Makes us Special?

Each and every one of us has something unique to share with this world! We discussed how we might have a special talent, or characteristic that defines us. We learned that it is amazing to have people with different talents, and how even though we all look different or might do things differently we need to respect everyone. #Tolerance

Ms. Lea shared with us her special talent: Tap Dancing! And we dance to the beat of Hickory Dickory Dock.

NOTE: This video is unlisted, which means that the only way to access is by the link, only people who know the link to the video can view it.

PreK 4.3 Goes tap dancing!
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Please remember...

1. ISP has a NO toys from home brought to school policy.

2. I will be absent on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th due to religious holidays this week, Ms. Nicole will be taking care of the classroom.

3. On Wednesday 23rd we will be celebrating Peace Day on ISP! Your child must come to school that day wearing white.

4. The second #2 session of the Concsous Discipline, composure workshop, will be on Wednesday 23rd. I recommend and encourage you to attend.

5. Remember to complete the September homework calendar with your child, if you would like to share with the classroom feel free to send us a picture.

6. We are trying to become more green! Please try to send your child with a water bottle.

Birthdays Policy

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